Youtube Song Contest 32



Final date



Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark


Ukraine Ukraine
Olga Romanovskaya
"Derzhi menya krepche"

Runner Up

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ellie Goulding
"Love Me Like You Do"


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The Youtube Song Contest 32 is the 32nd edition of the Contest. It was hosted in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Participating CountriesEdit

12 countries were selected to compete in the 32nd edition.

Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries

Returning Artist Country Previous Edition
Ani Lorak Ukraine Ukraine #6
Belle Perez Spain Spain #28 (for Belgium)
Kelly Clarkson Greece Greece #12 (for United States)
Nickelback Canada Canada #15 (for United States)

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Ireland Ireland Siobhan Donaghy "Ghosts" 11 25
02 Sweden Sweden Top Cats "Baby Doll" 08 49
03 Canada Canada Nickelback "Trying Not To Love You" 06 56
04 Moldova Moldova Natalia Barbu "Ingerul Meu" DQ 57
05 Australia Australia Gina G "Ooh Ahh...Just A Little Bit" 07 50
06 Spain Spain Belle Perez "Enamorada" 01 70
07 Ukraine Ukraine Ani Lorak "I'm Alive" 10 33
08 Aruba Aruba Sharon Doorson "Fail In Love" 04 61
09 Andorra Andorra Edurne "Te Falta Veneno" 05 57
10 Belgium Belgium Lalaladies "Ik Ben Verliefd" 09 41
11 Netherlands Netherlands Melle "Dromen" 02 70
12 Greece Greece Kelly Clarkson "Already Gone" 03 69
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