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Youtube Song Contest (abbreviated YSC), was a song contest on Youtube. The contest was hosted by jesc2010. On 26 January 2014 is the contest followed by Fox Music League with the host Voskesc.

Participants Edit

YSC participants February 2014

A total of 125 countries have participated in YSC so far. There have also been 1279 entries and 72 winners with one country (Sweden Sweden) winning twelve times.

Participated = ✓
Participated = ✖

Debuting countries in the decades Edit


YSC#1-YSC#10 - 36 countries debuting: Algeria Algeria, Austria Austria, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Belgium Belgium, Czech Republic Czech Republic, Denmark Denmark, England England, Estonia Estonia, Finland Finland, France France, North Macedonia North Macedonia, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Hungary Hungary, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Kosovo Kosovo, Latvia Latvia, Lebanon Lebanon, Lithuania Lithuania, Malta Malta, Moldova Moldova, Morocco Morocco, Netherlands Netherlands, Norway Norway, Poland Poland, Portugal Portugal, Romania Romania, Russia Russia, Slovakia Slovakia, Spain Spain, Sweden Sweden, Switzerland Switzerland, Turkey Turkey, Ukraine Ukraine and USA United States.


YSC#11-YSC#20 - 23 countries debuting: Armenia Armenia, Australia Australia, Barbados Barbados, Belarus Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil Brazil, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Canada Canada, China China, Cyprus Cyprus, Egypt Egypt, Iceland Iceland, Italy Italy, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein, Luxembourg Luxembourg, New Zealand New Zealand, Philippines Philippines, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, San Marino San Marino, South Korea South Korea, United Kingdom United Kingdom, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe.


YSC#21-YSC#30 - 20 countries debuting: Aland Islands Åland Islands, Albania Albania, Andorra Andorra, Croatia Croatia, Cuba Cuba, Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Georgia Georgia, Guatemala Guatemala, Iran Iran, Jamaica Jamaica, Mexico Mexico, Monaco Monaco, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Scotland Scotland, Serbia Serbia, Slovenia Slovenia, South Africa South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, Vatican City Vatican City.


YSC#31-YSC#40 - 6 countries debuting: Aruba Aruba, Ecuador Ecuador, Jordan Jordan, Montenegro Montenegro, Suriname Suriname, Tunisia Tunisia.


YSC#41-YSC#50 - 7 countries debuting: Congo Congo, Japan Japan, Nicaragua Nicaragua, Nigeria Nigeria, Palestine Palestine, United States Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands, Yemen Yemen.


YSC#51-YSC#60 - 10 countries debuting: Colombia Colombia, Iraq Iraq, Kenya Kenya, Mali Mali, Mongolia Mongolia, Namibia Namibia, Qatar Qatar, Rwanda Rwanda, Syria Syria, Wales Wales.


YSC#61-YSC#70 - 17 countries debuting: Angola Angola, Argentina Argentina, Congo DR DR Congo, Dominican Republic Dominican Republic, Gabon Gabon, Greenland Greenland, India India, Indonesia Indonesia, Laos Laos, Libya Libya, Malaysia Malaysia, Pakistan Pakistan, Panama Panama, Singapore Singapore, Sudan Sudan, Turkmenistan Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates.

List of Youtube Song Contest winners by country Edit

Wins Country Edition
12 Sweden Sweden #2, #6, #11, #13, #23, #25, #26,#36, #46, #59, #60, #69
06 Netherlands Netherlands #1, #10, #24, #27, #28, #65
04 USA United States #12, #41, #53, #58
03 Belgium Belgium #7, #14, #18
03 Denmark Denmark #9, #34, #47
02 Spain Spain #16, #32
02 Slovenia Slovenia #21, #42
02 England England #30, #45
02 Morocco Morocco #20, #50
02 France France #35, #51
02 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan #17, #52
02 Switzerland Switzerland #48, #55
02 Finland Finland #29, #63
02 Romania Romania #49, #66
02 North Macedonia North Macedonia #5, #67
01 Slovakia Slovakia #3
01 Greece Greece #4
01 Ukraine Ukraine #8
01 Cyprus Cyprus #15
01 Brazil Brazil #19
01 Germany Germany #22
01 Montenegro Montenegro #31
01 Ireland Ireland #33
01 Italy Italy #37
01 Aland Islands Åland Islands #38
01 Australia Australia #39
01 Armenia Armenia #40
01 Poland Poland #43
01 Nicaragua Nicaragua #44
01 Russia Russia #54
01 Iraq Iraq #56
01 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina #57
01 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic #61
01 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe #62
01 Moldova Moldova #64
01 Scotland Scotland #68
01 Croatia Croatia #70
01 Mexico Mexico #71
01 Luxembourg Luxembourg #72

Special Editions Edit

Edition Country Song Performer Points Host city
Super Final 1 Sweden Sweden "My Heart Is Refusing Me" Loreen 220 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
Super Final 2 Slovenia Slovenia "Verjamen" Eva Boto 248 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
Super Final 3 Nicaragua Nicaragua "Just Hold Me" Maria Mena 103 Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia

Editions Edit

Edition Country Song Performer Points Host city
#1 Netherlands Netherlands "Angels" Within Temptation 120 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
#2 Sweden Sweden "Spread A Little Light" Molly Sandén 78 Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
#3 Slovakia Slovakia "Life Is A Game" Kristína 93 Gotenborg, Sweden Sweden
#4 Greece Greece "My Number One" Helena Paparizou 86 Bratislava, Slovakia Slovakia
#5 North Macedonia North Macedonia "Stop" Sibel 81 Athens, Greece Greece
#6 Sweden Sweden "My Heart Is Refusing Me" Loreen 104 Skopje, North Macedonia North Macedonia
#7 Belgium Belgium "Libre Comme L'Air" Jonathan Cerrada 104 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
#8 Ukraine Ukraine "Dance" Max Barskih 87 Brussels, Belgium Belgium
#9 Denmark Denmark "Geronimo" Aura Dione 104 Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
#10 Netherlands Netherlands "Chocolate" Raffaëla Paton 104 Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark
#11 Sweden Sweden "Shout It Out" David Lindgren 107 Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands
#12 USA United States "Stronger" Kelly Clarkson 84 Malmö, Sweden Sweden
#13 Sweden Sweden "Empty Room" Sanna Nielsen 82 New York, USA United States
#14 Belgium Belgium "Safety Net" Iris 75 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
#15 Cyprus Cyprus "Fallin" Playmen feat. Demy 87 Antwerp, Belgium Belgium
#16 Spain Spain "Yo Te Esperaré" Cali & El Dandee 84 Paphos, Cyprus Cyprus
#17 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan "Gonna Let You Know" Safura 97 Granada, Spain Spain
#18 Belgium Belgium "Litlle Braveheart" Charlotte Perrelli & Kate Ryan 88 Baku, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
#19 Brazil Brazil "Balada Boa" Gusttavo Lima 97 Hasselt, Belgium Belgium
#20 Morocco Morocco "Hard To Forget" Shiri Maimon 92 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Brazil
#21 Slovenia Slovenia "Verjamen" Eva Boto 123 Tetouan, Morocco Morocco
#22 Germany Germany "Evacuate the Dancefloor" Cascada 86 Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia
#23 Sweden Sweden "Euphoria" Loreen 102 München, Germany Germany
#24 Netherlands Netherlands "Take Over Control" Afrojack feat. Eva Simons 139 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
#25 Sweden Sweden "If Only You" Danny Saucedo feat. Therese Grankvist 85 Hilversum, Netherlands Netherlands
#26 Sweden Sweden "All The Time" Playmen feat. Helena Paparizou 93 Malmö, Sweden Sweden
#27 Netherlands Netherlands "Summer Jam" The Underdog Project feat. Sunclub 86 Umeå, Sweden Sweden
#28 Netherlands Netherlands "In Da Name Of Love" Ray & Anita 87 Eindhoven, Netherlands Netherlands
#29 Finland Finland "Leave Me Alone" Hanna Pakarinen 89 Utrecht, Netherlands Netherlands
#30 England England "Feel The Love" Rudimenta feat. John Newman 54 Helsinki, Finland Finland
#31 Montenegro Montenegro "Just Get Out Of My Life" Andrea Demirović 75 London, England England
#32 Spain Spain "Enamorada" Belle Perez 70 Podgorica, Montenegro Montenegro
#33 Ireland Ireland "Up" The Saturdays 75 València, Spain Spain
#34 Denmark Denmark "Friends" Aura Dione 91 Dublin, Ireland Ireland
#35 France France "Paranoiak" Sarah Riani 81 Aarhus, Denmark Denmark
#36 Sweden Sweden "A Little Forgiveness" Molly Sandén feat. Christopher 79 Paris, France France
#37 Italy Italy "Calling (Lose My Mind)" Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder 70 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
#38 Aland Islands Åland Islands "Tabu" Timoteij 84 Milano, Italy Italy
#39 Australia Australia "We Run The Night" Havana Brown feat. Pitbull 71 Mariehamn, Aland Islands Åland Islands
#40 Armenia Armenia "Ayo" Emmy 77 Sydney, Australia Australia
#41 USA United States "The Game" Alyssa Reid feat. Snoop Dogg 63 Yerevan, Armenia Armenia
#42 Slovenia Slovenia "Magic" Sanya G 65 Eureka, USA United States
#43 Poland Poland "Envole Moi" Tal & Mpokora 71 Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia
#44 Nicaragua Nicaragua "Just Hold Me" Maria Mena 62 Warszawa, Poland Poland
#45 England England "Dominoes" Jessica Wright feat. Mann 81 Managua, Nicaragua Nicaragua
#46 Sweden Sweden "Uncover" Zara Larsson 87 London, England England
#47 Denmark Denmark "Only Teardrops" Emmelie de Forest 93 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
#48 Switzerland Switzerland "Wanna Say" Kat Graham 118 Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark
#49 Romania Romania "Hero" Jessica D 126 Bern, Switzerland Switzerland
#50 Morocco Morocco "Time To Say Goodbye" Shiri Maimon 110 Brașov, Romania Romania
#51 France France "Only Love" Anggun 91 Ṭanjah, Morocco Morocco
#52 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan "Hold Me" Farid Mammadov 91 Nica, France France
#53 USA United States "Heart Attack" Demi Lovato 83 Astara, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
#54 Russia Russia "What If" Diana Garipova 97 Miami, USA United States
#55 Switzerland Switzerland "Unbreakable" Sinplus 78 Moskva, Russia Russia
#56 Iraq Iraq "I Am (Open Your Eyes)" Dashni Morad 159 Genève, Switzerland Switzerland
#57 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina "Kad Tad" Pamela Ramljak 90 Baġdād, Iraq Iraq
#58 USA United States "Behind These Hazel Eyes" Kelly Clarkson 134 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
#59 Sweden Sweden "Can't Hold Back" Anton Ewald 147 Houston, USA United States
#60 Sweden Sweden "Winning Ground" Eric Saade 118 Uppsala, Sweden Sweden
#61 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic "Stars" Kat DeLuna 81 Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
#62 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe "Fiesta" Carlprit 84 Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
#63 Finland Finland "Junat Ja Naiset" Jenni Vartiainen 111 Harare, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
#64 Moldova Moldova "Cash Out" Angelika Vee feat. Kylian Mash 101 Helsinki, Finland Finland
#65 Netherlands Netherlands "Killer" Sharon Doorson 128 Chișinău, Moldova Moldova
#66 Romania Romania "Memories" Nicole Cherry 99 Roosendaal, Netherlands Netherlands
#67 North Macedonia North Macedonia "Mojot Svet" Karolina Gočeva 125 București, Romania Romania
#68 Scotland Scotland "Soldier" Samantha Jade 101 Ohrid, North Macedonia North Macedonia
#69 Sweden Sweden "Human" Anton Ewald 100 Edinburgh, Scotland Scotland
#70 Croatia Croatia "Despair" Danijela Martinović 144 Umeå, Sweden Sweden
#71 Mexico Mexico "Angels We Have Heard On High" Pentatonix 93 Zagreb, Croatia Croatia
#72 Luxembourg Luxembourg "Kiss Me" Funda 105 Ciudad de México, Mexico Mexico
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