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Yourovision Song Contest 28
Theme art ysc28


Yourovision Song Contest

Edition no.



50 countries
22 finalists


Warsaw, Poland Poland



Grand Final

28th June 2016


TBD 28th June 2016


◄ 27 Eurovision Heart 29 ►

Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This is the twenty-eighth Yourovision Song Contest, to take place in the Polish capital, Warsaw, following their win with Margaret in the previous edition.

As this edition followed a one-month break for the Eurovision Song Contest, it is to be a special edition, in which every participant is eligible to send two songs. Even without this factor, this edition holds the record for highest number of individual users taking part, at 25 players, with a combined total of 50 songs taking part in total, far surpassing the previous records of 23 and 39, respectively held by the twentieth and the twenty-fourth editions.

Edition 28 - Warsaw - Harmonise

Following Poland's first-ever Yourovision victory, Warsaw was selected as the host city, alongside the slogan "Harmonise", to be accompanied by theme-art partially inspired by the previous winning song, "Cool Me Down". The theme is to be incorporated into the exact design of the semi-finals in new ways, never before seen at the Yourovision Song Contest.

The dates for this edition are:

Participation deadline/Semi-final voting begins: 1st June, 2016
Semi-final voting deadline: 14th June, 2016
Grand Final voting begins: 15th June, 2016
Grand Final: 28th June, 2016


Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries

Returning Artists

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Albania Albania Bebe Rexha "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" Albania Albania "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" #19
Australia Australia Sia "Cheap Thrills" Australia Australia "Alive" #23
Colombia Colombia Shakira "Try Everything" Mexico Mexico "Mi Verdad" #18
Israel Israel The Young Professionals "TYP D.I.S.C.O." Austria Austria "All Of It But Me" #18
Japan Japan Bentley Jones "Scars" Flag of Antarctica Antarctica "The Rebellion" #23
Netherlands Netherlands Anouk "Right On Time" Netherlands Netherlands "Run Away Together" #25
Slovakia Slovakia Lzzy Hale "Shatter Me" Ireland Ireland "Love Bites" #10
Slovenia Slovenia Nika Zorjan "Lajf Je Moj" Slovenia Slovenia "Svet Po Dežju" #25
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka M.I.A. "Borders" Sri Lanka Sri Lanka "Bad Girls" #18
Russia Russia Serebro "Mi Mi Mi" Russia Russia "Ne Nado Bolnee" #14

Semi-Final 1

The ten top-scoring countries will advance to the Grand Final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Belgium Belgium Stromae "Papaoutai"
02 Aland Islands Åland Islands Oscar Zia "Human"
03 Bulgaria Bulgaria Mihaela Marinova "Stapka Napred"
04 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka M.I.A. "Borders"
05 Iraq Iraq Majid al-Muhandis "Tanadik"
06 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica TRXD ft. Hilde "Wherever You Go"
07 France France Daft Punk "Harder Better Faster Stronger"
08 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Special D. "Discoland"
09 Belarus Belarus Muzzart "Only Dance"
10 Hungary Hungary Adri "Éjfél Után"
11 Italy Italy Lodovica Comello "Aprendí A Decir Adiós"
12 Monaco Monaco Tenny "Le Temps"
13 USA United States Elle King "Ex's And Oh's"
14 Canada Canada Tegan & Sara "Closer"
15 New Zealand New Zealand Broods "Free"
16 Sweden Sweden Miike Snow "Genghis Khan"
17 Estonia Estonia IIRIS "Tigerhead"
18 Thailand Thailand Sinead Harnett "She Ain't Me"
19 Poland Poland Natalia Nykiel "Bądź Duży"
20 Slovakia Slovakia Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale "Shatter Me"
21 China China Princess Ai & A-Lin "Wǒ Bù Líkāi"
22 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Kristel Lisberg "September"
23 Spain Spain Pablo López ft. Juanes "Tu Enemigo"
24 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Ayumi ft. Batyr "Hey-La"
Yourovision Song Contest 28 Semi-Final 1 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 28 Semi-Final 1 Recap

Semi-Final 2

The ten top-scoring countries will advance to the Grand Final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Moldova Moldova DoReDoS "FunnyFolk"
02 Argentina Argentina Martina Stoessel "Underneath It All"
03 Norway Norway Aurora "Running With The Wolves"
04 Israel Israel The Young Professionals "TYP D.I.S.C.O."
05 Latvia Latvia Markus Riva "Lights On"
06 Netherlands Netherlands Anouk "Right On Time"
07 Colombia Colombia Shakira "Try Everything"
08 Australia Australia Sia "Cheap Thrills"
09 Germany Germany Alex Diehl "Unausweichlich"
10 United Kingdom United Kingdom Elbow "Open Arms"
11 Iceland Iceland Vök "Waterfall"
12 Romania Romania Luminița Anghel "A Million Stars"
13 Albania Albania Bebe Rexha "I Can't Stop Drinking About You"
14 Lithuania Lithuania Karina Krysko "Jausmų Labirinte"
15 Gibraltar Gibraltar Jonas Blue ft. Dakota "Fast Car"
16 Switzerland Switzerland Flip & Fill ft. Kelly Llorenna "True Love Never Dies"
17 Japan Japan Bentley Jones "Scars"
18 Finland Finland Darude "Sandstorm"
19 Slovenia Slovenia Ramus ft. Nika Zorjan "Lajf Je Moj"
20 Ireland Ireland Sham Rock "Tell Me Ma"
21 Andorra Andorra Victoria Riba "No Es Cuestión De Ganar"
22 Russia Russia Serebro "Mi Mi Mi"
23 Taiwan Taiwan Rosie Yang & Ryan Wu "Why Not Love?"
24 Austria Austria Laura Kamhuber "Wie Guat, Dass I A Madl Bin"
Yourovision Song Contest 28 Semi-Final 2 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 28 Semi-Final 2 Recap

Grand Final

Ten countries from each semi-final will join the two auto-qualified countries, sent by the previous edition's winner, to make up a final consisting of twenty-two songs.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
Portugal Portugal April "Be Ok"
Turkey Turkey Serhat "Chocolate Flavour"


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