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30th March 2016


Canada Canada
"Crier Tout Bas"


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Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This is the twenty-sixth edition of the Yourovision Song Contest, to be held in Toronto, after Allie X's technical win for Canada in the previous edition. This edition featured one of the highest proportions of non-English-language songs, constituting 56.25% of the competition.

If that definition is extended to countries singing in one of their official languages (considering that the songs of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, and Malta are in English; and that Spanish is an official language of Chile, who represents a stake of Antarctica as per Yourovision participation rules), that percentage increases drastically, indicating a total of 81.25% of the competition singing in a language native to the countries in question.

This edition marks the second time a single country has won concurrently, and in a contest hosted by themselves, also making Canada's Head of Delegation the fourth to have achieved a consecutive win overall, when factoring in consecutive wins across differing countries.

Edition 26 - Toronto - BelieveEdit

After Canada's victory, Toronto and Ottawa were selected as leading candidate cities to host the twenty-sixth edition, and, ultimately, Toronto was selected for cultural and logistical reasons. This means that, once again, the contest is being in a non-capital city outside of Europe. The slogan "Believe" was chosen, in conjunction with sharply contrasting black and white imagery, and heraldry inspired by Rorschach tests, to continue to inspire the creativity responsible for the music industry.

The dates for this edition are:
Participation deadline/Voting begins: 19th March, 2016
Voting deadline: 29th March, 2016
Grand Final: 30th March, 2016


Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries
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Returning ArtistsEdit

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Albania Albania Arilena "Vegim" Albania Albania "Aeroplan" #9
Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Kevin, Karla y La Banda "Te Contaré" Flag of Antarctica Antarctica "Espacio En Blanco" #17
Norway Norway Kaizers Orchestra "En For Orgelet, En For Meg" Norway Norway "Resistansen" #24
Sweden Sweden Tove Styrke "Ego" Sweden Sweden "Borderline" #19
USA United States Lady Gaga "'Til It Happens To You" Italy Italy "Paparazzi" #8
Aland Islands Åland Islands Kent "La Belle Epoque" Aland Islands Åland Islands "Om Du Var Här" #18

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Kosovo Kosovo Dua Lipa "Be The One" 2 94
02 Norway Norway Kaizers Orchestra "En For Orgelet, En For Meg" 15 31
03 Sweden Sweden Tove Styrke "Ego" 8 61
04 Poland Poland Ewa Farna "Tu" 9 45
05 Netherlands Netherlands Years & Years "Eyes Shut" 11 41
06 United Kingdom United Kingdom Bianca Claxton "Shine A Little Light" 6 65
07 Albania Albania Arilena "Vegim" 4 67
08 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Kevin, Karla y La Banda "Te Contaré" 16 11
09 USA United States Lady Gaga "'Til It Happens To You" 12 40
10 Romania Romania ADDA "Lupii" 7 64
11 Canada Canada Cœur De Pirate "Crier Tout Bas" 1 96
12 Malta Malta Christabelle "Kingdom" 3 82
13 Slovenia Slovenia Raiven "Črno Bel" 14 31
14 Aland Islands Åland Islands Kent "La Belle Epoque" 10 45
15 Ireland Ireland Freezepop "Less Talk More Rokk" 13 32
16 Hungary Hungary Gergő Oláh "Győz A Jó" 5 65

Recap of the songsEdit

Yourovision Song Contest 26 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 26 Recap


Yourovision Song Contest
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