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Yourovision Song Contest 25
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Yourovision Song Contest

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Mariehamn, Aland Islands.png Åland Islands



Grand Final

27th February 2016


Canada.png Canada
"Old Habits Die Hard"


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Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the twenty-fifth Yourovision Song Contest, held in Mariehamn, following Åland's thrilling victory in the preceding contest.

This edition was the first in the history of the contest in which a country's disqualification actively changed the eventual winner of the contest. Romania was leading in points at the close of the voting, but failed to submit their votes, resulting in their disqualification. First place was therefore awarded to the next-highest-scoring country, Canada. Coincidentally, Canada was the only participant country in this edition to receive points from all other voting participants.

Edition 25 - Mariehamn - Persevere

Following Sophia Somajo's victory in the previous edition, Mariehamn was selected, on the spot, to host the following contest, primarily because of its status as the most significant city on the Åland Islands. The slogan was revealed to be "Persevere", accompanied by the imagery of the ocean, both in reference to the theme of the previous winner, "Klein Blue", and to the islands' geography. The message of the slogan was one of staying strong in the face of adversity, to connect the imagery together.

The dates for this edition were:
Participation deadline/Voting begins: 17th February, 2016
Voting deadline: 26th February, 2016
Grand Final: 27th February, 2016


Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries
  • None

Returning Artists

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Canada.png Canada Allie X "Old Habits Die Hard" Canada.png Canada "Catch" #23
Denmark.png Denmark "Kamikaze" Ireland.png Ireland "Beg For It" #14
Greece.png Greece Eleni Foureira "Pio Dinata" Greece.png Greece "Sweetest Love" #2
Netherlands.png Netherlands Anouk "Run Away Together" Netherlands.png Netherlands "New Day" #18
Slovenia.png Slovenia Nika Zorjan "Svet Po Dežju" Slovenia.png Slovenia "Problemom Sredinc" #18

Grand Final

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Antarctica.png Antarctica Alexander Rybak "Kotik" 10 38
02 Denmark.png Denmark "Kamikaze" 11 37
03 France.png France Emji "Lost" 2 72
04 Canada.png Canada Allie X "Old Habits Die Hard" 1 73
05 Slovenia.png Slovenia Nika Zorjan "Svet Po Dežju" 15 27
06 Sweden.png Sweden Mimi Werner "Ain't No Good" 8 54
07 Aland Islands.png Åland Islands Vilma Alina "Juha88" 12 37
08 Lithuania.png Lithuania Monika Linkytė "Po Dangum" 6 58
09 Hungary.png Hungary András Petruska "Trouble In My Mind" 7 58
10 Romania.png Romania Brighi "Invizibilă" 17 80¹
11 Netherlands.png Netherlands Anouk "Run Away Together" 3 72
12 USA.png United States The Chain Gang Of 1974 "Sleepwalking" 14 32
13 Ireland.png Ireland Linkin Park "Guilty All The Same" 16 26
14 Greece.png Greece Eleni Foureira "Pio Dinata" 13 35
15 United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Little Mix "Love Me Like You" 4 63
16 Switzerland.png Switzerland Kat Graham "Power" 5 58
17 Ukraine.png Ukraine Ukraine ft. Cici "UNarmed" 9 50

¹Disqualified for failing to vote.

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