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Oslo, Norway Norway



Grand Final

31st December 2015


Belgium Belgium
"Je Sors Ce Soir"


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Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the twenty-third edition of the Yourovision Song Contest, held in Oslo, following Norway's long-awaited victory in the previous contest.

This was the second of two editions affected by the temporary scheduling-adjustment, causing this edition, originally to take place in November, to take place in December instead. It was hence the first edition of the contest to occur in the month of December.

Edition 23 - Oslo - WeightlessEdit

Norway had participated in the contest on and off since its inception, but placed no higher than second in all of its attempts prior to the twenty-second edition. Consequently, selecting the capital city as the first Norwegian city to host the contest was the most obvious course of action. The slogan, "Weightless", was chosen to reflect the lyrics of the winning song of the previous edition; the refusal to "let gravity win".

This edition, and the one that preceded it, were subject to minor delays, causing them to span the end of one month and the start of the next, rather than simply the single month they were intended to occupy. In this case, this edition was intended to take place in November, but is instead contained within December.

The dates for this edition were:
Participation deadline/Voting begins: 18th December, 2015
Voting deadline: 30th December, 2015
Grand Final: 31st December, 2015


Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries

Returning ArtistsEdit

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Australia Australia Sia "Alive" Australia Australia "Chandelier" #11
Luxembourg Luxembourg Tal "Rien N'est Parfait" France France "Envole-Moi" #14

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Georgia Georgia Tamta "Unloved" 2 85
02 USA United States Melanie Martinez "Pity Party" 7 68
03 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Natasha Bedingfield "I Wanna Have Your Babies" 14 32
04 Australia Australia Sia "Alive" 13 36
05 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Byrta "Andvekur" 11 55
06 Luxembourg Luxembourg Tal "Rien N'est Parfait" 5 68
07 Ireland Ireland Five Finger Death Punch ft. Rob Halford "Lift Me Up" 16 14
08 France France Black Strobe "Boogie In Zero Gravity" 15 18
09 United Kingdom United Kingdom Adele "Hello" 8 61
10 Portugal Portugal Orelhinhas "A Festa Dos Coelhinhos" 17 13
11 Italy Italy Il Volo "L'Amore Si Muove" 6 68
12 Philippines Philippines Marlisa Punzalan "Stand By You" 3 80
13 Canada Canada Allie X "Catch" 10 55
14 Hungary Hungary Ív "Fire" 9 57
15 Belgium Belgium Barbara Opsomer "Je Sors Ce Soir" 1 92
16 Norway Norway Gabrielle "Mellom Skyene" 12 47
17 Finland Finland Katéa "That Ain't Love" 4 79

Recap of the songsEdit

Yourovision Song Contest 23 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 23 Recap


Yourovision Song Contest
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