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Falling Free


Yourovision Song Contest

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Milan, Italy Italy



Grand Final

27th September 2015


Germany Germany
"Nie Vergessen"


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Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the twenty-first edition of the Yourovision Song Contest, which took place in Milan, Italy, commemorating the victory of Francesca Michielin in the second-anniversary edition, once again restoring the position of record-holders for the highest total score to Italy.

A drop in attendance, and thus a smaller contest, was anticipated this edition, following the great increase that the previous edition had experienced, as well as the two disqualifications suffered in that edition.

Edition 21 - Milan - Falling FreeEdit

Milan was selected as the host city when it became apparent that Italy was going to win the preceding edition. This decision was fuelled by the prevalence of the city as an icon of Italy, as well as the fact that Italy had hosted the contest once before; the eleventh edition, which took place in Rome, instead.

The theme art was built around the image of autumn leaves, under the slogan "'Falling Free'", based upon the imagery of the turning of the season associated with the month of September.

The dates for this edition were:

Participation deadline/Voting begins: 16th September, 2015
Voting deadline: 26th September, 2015
Grand Final: 27th September, 2015


Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries

Returning ArtistsEdit

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Belgium Belgium Selah Sue "Fear Nothing" Belgium Belgium "Right Where I Want You" #18
Aland Islands Åland Islands Zara Larsson "Never Forget You" Sweden Sweden "Carry You Home" #17

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Israel Israel Kathleen Reiter "Mind Of A Gambler" 10 52
02 Poland Poland Woodkid "I Love You" 3 67
03 Finland Finland Janna Hurmerinta "Läpinäkyvä" 8 53
04 USA United States Twenty One Pilots "Polarize" 9 52
05 France France Marina Kaye "Homeless" 2 81
06 South Africa South Africa Die Antwoord "Ugly Boy" 14 36
07 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Kendji Girac "Cool" 15 33
08 Belgium Belgium Selah Sue "Fear Nothing" 4 61
09 Italy Italy Emma Marrone "Dimentico Tutto" 12 44
10 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Parson James "Sinner Like You" 13 36
11 Aland Islands Åland Islands Zara Larsson & MNEK "Never Forget You" 5 58
12 Germany Germany Glasperlenspiel "Nie Vergessen" 1 83
13 United Kingdom United Kingdom Lily Allen "The Fear" 7 54
14 Sweden Sweden Ralf Gyllenhammar "Bed On Fire" 6 56
15 Croatia Croatia Magazin "Sijamski Blizanci" 11 46

Recap of the songsEdit

Yourovision Song Contest 21 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 21 Recap


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