Yourovision Song Contest 20
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Burning Passion


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Tirana, Albania Albania



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28th August 2015


Italy Italy
"L'Amore Esiste"


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Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the second-anniversary edition of the Yourovision Song Contest, held in Tirana, Albania, following Bebe Rexha's record-breaking win in the previous edition. The winner of this edition would go on to beat that record by a further two points.

This was only the second time in the history of the contest, the first being the fifth edition, that all five of the "Big Five" countries from the real Eurovision Song Contest had all taken part in the same edition at once.

In addition to this, with twenty-four countries participating, this edition was the largest non-special edition, breaking the previous record of 19 participating countries, held by the seventh, tenth and twelfth editions. In terms of capacity, it has also outclassed the fourth edition, which was the smallest special edition, with 21 competing entries. This also means that, with 23 individual users taking part, this edition features the most separate people participating.

This edition was the first to feature a song receiving no points whatsoever. Ironically, due to two countries failing to vote, resulting in their disqualification, US America, despite receiving no points from the participating countries, was ranked 22nd out of 24, with the two disqualified countries forcibly placed below them, despite achieving 30 points apiece.

Edition 20 - Tirana - Burning PassionEdit

The host city was Tirana, Albania's capital. The slogan of this edition was "Burning Passion", with the theme art incorporating visuals of fire, hearts, and diamonds, to reflect the heat and intensity of one's desires and ambitions, and the beauty and solidity that such passion can forge, as well as represent the sheer force of the love and support that the contest has received over its two years of existence.

The dates for this edition were:

Participation deadline/Voting begins: 15th August, 2015
Voting deadline: 27th August, 2015
Grand Final: 28th August, 2015


Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries

Returning ArtistsEdit

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Estonia Estonia Tanja Mihhailova "Külmunud Maa" Estonia Estonia "Forevermore" #14
Lebanon Lebanon Mika "We Are Golden" Italy Italy "Stardust" #14
Lithuania Lithuania GJan "Nobody Around" Lithuania Lithuania "Not Afraid" #18
Sweden Sweden Tove Lo "Timebomb" Sweden Sweden "Heroes" #14
United Kingdom United Kingdom Marina & The Diamonds "I Am Not A Robot" Greece Greece "I'm A Ruin" #18

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Lebanon Lebanon Mika "We Are Golden" 15 36
02 Mexico Mexico Paulina Rubio ft. Morat "Mi Nuevo Vicio" 18 24
03 Slovenia Slovenia Tina Maze "My Way Is My Decision" 20 13
04 Sweden Sweden Tove Lo "Timebomb" 9 60
05 Estonia Estonia Tanja Mihhailova "Külmunud Maa" 14 47
06 Thailand Thailand Tata Young "Cinderella" 4 86
07 United Kingdom United Kingdom Marina & The Diamonds "I Am Not A Robot" 16 33
08 Albania Albania Era Istrefi ft. Mixey "E Dehun" 7 70
09 Spain Spain María Sagana "Sha La La" 17 30
10 USA United States Body Count "Body Count's In The House" 22 0
11 Aland Islands Åland Islands Molly Pettersson Hammar "I'll Be Fine" 3 87
12 Italy Italy Francesca Michielin "L'Amore Esiste" 1 126
13 Belgium Belgium Sarah Carlier "Tenderness" 23 30¹
14 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Staysman & Lazz "En Godt Stekt Pizza" 21 11
15 Montenegro Montenegro Saša Kovačević "Kako Posle Nas" 19 15
16 France France Petite Meller "Baby Love" 10 59
17 Canada Canada Arcade Fire "Abraham's Daughter" 13 48
18 Denmark Denmark The Raveonettes "Last Dance" 24 30¹
19 Croatia Croatia Kristina Vukas "Mami" 11 54
20 Lithuania Lithuania GJan "Nobody Around" 2 91
21 Latvia Latvia Katrine Lukins "You Are The Reason" 5 75
22 Germany Germany Cro "Traum" 12 52
23 Norway Norway Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell "Firestone" 6 74
24 Finland Finland Miriam Bryant "Dragon" 8 67

¹Belgium and Denmark failed to vote, resulting in their disqualification, placing them 23rd and 24th respectively. Standard tie-breaking procedure was used to determine which, of the two, was to place higher.

Recap of the songsEdit

Yourovision Song Contest 20 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 20 Recap


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