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|Row 7 info = {{Ireland}}<br>"Take Me To Church"
|Row 7 info = {{Ireland}}<br>"Take Me To Church"
|Row 8 title = Timeline
|Row 8 title = Timeline
|Row 8 info = [[Yourovision Song Contest 16|◄ 16]] [[file:Eurovision Heart.png]] 18 ►|image = File:Ysc17_theme_art_with_logo.jpg|caption = Aim High}}
|Row 8 info = [[Yourovision Song Contest 16|◄ 16]] [[file:Eurovision Heart.png]] [[Yourovision Song Contest 18|18 ►]]|image = File:Ysc17_theme_art_with_logo.jpg|caption = Aim High}}
''Welcome to '''your''' Eurovision Song Contest.''
''Welcome to '''your''' Eurovision Song Contest.''
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| 16
| 16
| [[file:Flag of Antarctica.png]] [[Antarctica]]
| {{Antarctica}}
| Kevin, Karla y La Banda
| Kevin, Karla y La Banda
| "Espacio En Blanco"
| "Espacio En Blanco"
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{{Yourovision navigation}}
|header = Yourovision Song Contest
|body = [[Yourovision Song Contest|Main article]] • [[Countries in the Yourovision Song Contest|Countries]] • [[The Bezençon-Craig Yourovision Awards|Awards]] • [[Languages of the Yourovision Song Contest|Languages]] <br> [[Yourovision Song Contest 1|1]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 2|2]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 3|3]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 4|4]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 5|5]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 6|6]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 7|7]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 8|8]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 9|9]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 10|10]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 11|11]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 12|12]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 13|13]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 14|14]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 15|15]] • [[Yourovision Song Contest 16|16]] • '''17''' • [[Yourovision Song Contest 18|18]]}}
[[Category:Yourovision Song Contest]]
[[Category:Yourovision Song Contest]]

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Yourovision Song Contest 17
Ysc17 theme art with logo
Aim High


Yourovision Song Contest

Edition no.





Hereford, England England
United Kingdom United Kingdom



Grand Final

25th April 2015


Ireland Ireland
"Take Me To Church"


◄ 16 Eurovision Heart 18 ►

Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the seventeenth edition of the Yourovision Song Contest, held in Hereford, after Ellie Goulding won the contest for the second time in the previous edition, marking the UK's first consecutive win, and fourth win overall.

The only two countries making their Yourovision débuts in this edition were Belgium and Antarctica, and the latter of which had been eligible to participate under the contest's rules from the beginning. Six former participant nations also made their return to the contest this month, while, most notably, Italy announced its withdrawal, citing, as its reason, that the Head of Delegation needed a brief respite in which to find a "higher quality of song" to represent the country, and that a return in the following edition was "99.9% likely".

The eventual winner was Ireland, marking a third consecutive win for the United Kingdom's Head of Delegation (who was awarded the right to a second country following her previous win, and subsequently chose what would eventually be the winner of this edition). In addition to this, this marks the first time a completely male act has won the contest.

Edition 17 - Hereford - Aim HighEdit

The city of Hereford was chosen to host the seventeenth edition of the contest, as it is the regional capital of Ellie Goulding's home county. The slogan for this edition was "Aim High", with the reminder of the old adage that if you shoot for the moon and miss, you still land amongst the stars.

The dates for this edition were:

Participation deadline/Voting begins: 11th April, 2015
Voting deadline: 24th April, 2015
Grand Final: 25th April, 2015


Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries

Returning ArtistsEdit

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Canada Canada Avril Lavigne "When You're Gone" Canada Canada "Let Me Go" #16

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 United Kingdom United Kingdom Sam Smith "Like I Can" 6 65
02 Canada Canada Avril Lavigne "When You're Gone" 9 53
03 Argentina Argentina Zero Kill "Dizzy" 14 30
04 Montenegro Montenegro Jelena Kažanegra "Za Tvoje Usne" 12 39
05 Denmark Denmark Medina ft. Svenstrup & Vendelboe "Junkie" 11 46
06 Belgium Belgium Selah Sue "Sadness" 10 53
07 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Ricky Martin "La Mordidita" 8 59
08 Sweden Sweden Zara Larsson "Carry You Home" 4 68
09 USA United States The Offspring "Coming For You" 13 32
10 Slovenia Slovenia Maja Keuc "Zmorem" 7 65
11 Slovakia Slovakia Gitanas ft. Kali "Baila Morena" 16 14
12 France France Louane "Avenir" 3 80
13 Israel Israel Kokoro "Tasmanian Devil" 2 81
14 Finland Finland Siru Airistola "Mustelmat" 5 66
15 Ireland Ireland Hozier "Take Me To Church" 1 91
16 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Kevin, Karla y La Banda "Espacio En Blanco" 15 28

Recap of the songsEdit

Yourovision Song Contest 17 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 17 Recap


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