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San Marino City, San Marino San Marino



Grand Final

24th August 2014


Italy Italy
"Alice E Il Blu"


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Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the tenth edition of the Yourovision Song Contest, held in August 2014, in San Marino, the winning country of the ninth edition of the contest.

This edition saw a pleasant increase in number of participants, with seven countries returning to the contest, and Chile making their début. The contest also saw the return of Poland, who had originally signed up to take part in the first edition, but then withdrew, not to be heard from since.

Additionally, Sweden used the Voice of Yourovision national final format to choose its entry for this contest, making it the second time the format has been used in the contest, after Japan in the eighth edition.

Canada chose to return to the contest in this edition, and their song, "Wingin' It", by Stereos, is, to date, officially the shortest song to take part in the Yourovision Song Contest, standing at roughly 1:40 in length.

The results of this edition were the closest in Yourovision history, with the final result presenting first place with a new record for highest point-score, and last place with a new record for lowest point-score, at 102 and 9, respectively, surpassing the previous records of 101 and 16. Additionally, "Alice E Il Blu" is the first song to win Yourovision that is not in the English language.

Edition 10 - San Marino City - Pure ImaginationEdit

The tenth edition of the Yourovision Song Contest was held in San Marino city, after Christina Perri won the previous edition. The slogan of this edition was "Pure Imagination", and the theme art was inspired by generative digital silk art.

The dates for the tenth edition were:

Participation deadline/Voting begins: 12th August, 2014
Voting deadline: 23rd August, 2014
Grand Final: 24th August, 2014



Countries marked green participated in the Grand Final.
Countries marked yellow participated in the past, but not in this edition.

Debuting countries Withdrawing countries Returning countries

Returning ArtistsEdit

This edition Previous appearance
Country Artist Song Country Song Edition
Australia Australia Jessica Mauboy "Never Be The Same" Australia Australia "Sea Of Flags" #8
Luxembourg Luxembourg Sharon Doorson "Killer" Luxembourg Luxembourg "Fail In Love" #9
USA United States Christina Aguilera "Your Body" USA United States "Beautiful" #4

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 USA United States Christina Aguilera "Your Body" 11 55
02 Luxembourg Luxembourg Sharon Doorson "Killer" 12 46
03 Italy Italy Annalisa "Alice E Il Blu" 1 102
04 Canada Canada Stereos "Wingin' It" 18 18
05 Sweden Sweden Timoteij "Kom" 4 90
06 France France Jonatan Cerrada "Rien Ne Me Changera" 15 30
07 United Kingdom United Kingdom Paolo Nutini "Pencil Full Of Lead" 14 33
08 Chile Chile Javiera Mena "Luz De Piedra De Luna" 6 73
09 Romania Romania Mellina ft. Vescan "Poza De Album" 9 56
10 Portugal Portugal Raquel Guerra "Sonhos Roubados" 19 9
11 Ireland Ireland Halestorm "Love Bites" 7 67
12 Poland Poland Ewelina Lisowska "Nieodporny Rozum" 13 36
13 Turkey Turkey maNga "Fly To Stay Alive" 8 62
14 New Zealand New Zealand Ruby Frost "Moonlight" 3 91
15 Ukraine Ukraine Olya Polyakova "Malchikam Eto Nravitsya" 10 56
16 Spain Spain David Civera "Me Ha Robado El Corazón" 16 28
17 Australia Australia Jessica Mauboy "Never Be The Same" 2 97
18 San Marino San Marino Adriana Mezzadri "Marcas De Ayer" 17 20
19 Russia Russia Polina "Fade To Love" 5 75

Recap of the songsEdit

Yourovision Song Contest 10 Recap

Yourovision Song Contest 10 Recap

Summary of 12 pointsEdit

Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
4 Italy France, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal
2 New Zealand Australia, United Kingdom
Poland Romania, Ukraine
Russia Italy, US America
1 Australia Turkey
Chile Russia
France Spain
Luxembourg Canada
Romania Chile & San Marino
Spain Luxembourg
Turkey Ireland
United Kingdom Sweden


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