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2nd September 2013 -
30th September 2017


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Thirty-third edition: complete

Welcome to your Eurovision Song Contest.

"If you like Eurovision, this is the best place for you! This is a song contest on YouTube, and it's been going for a full three years, now. If you are interested in this and want to take part, just send me a personal message with the song you want to participate with and country that you want it to represent. Good luck to all!"
—Adapted from the founder's original description of the contest, with alterations to keep its information accurate.

The contest originally had its own channel on YouTube, founding the contest originally in July. However, it was updated on September 2nd, 2013 to state that the contest would not take place. As a result of this, TessHex, who had chosen to participate for Finland, decided to take control of the contest instead. TessHex is still, as of the 33rd edition, the manager/host of the Yourovision Song Contest, with the production team for the contest consisting of: Europezgal08 (United Kingdom United Kingdom), EscAlfon (Spain Spain) and Jarickben38 (Australia Australia).The contest takes place once a month, for ten months every year, with May and December being the two months off, due to the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contests taking place in or near to those times.


  • Participating songs must not have taken part in the Eurovision or Junior Eurovision Song Contests. National finalists are permissible, however.
  • Türkvizyon and ABU TV and Radio Song Festival entries are currently permitted, but this is subject to change based on said contests' popularity over time.
  • There are no firm restrictions regarding which artists can represent which countries, though it is preferred that there be some connection between the artist and the country they have been chosen to represent. If an artist does not have such a connection to their chosen country, the entry may be declared invalid or otherwise be obliged to change.
  • Voting is done in the Eurovision style: 1-7 points, then 8, 10, and 12 points, awarded in order of preference to a top-ten list of countries.
  • At present, only participating countries may vote; non-participant votes do not count towards the final result.
  • Participants must vote before the deadline, or their song will be disqualified, unless in exceptional circumstances, in which a grace period of 'voting overtime' will be permitted.
  • Participants may only send one song per contest, unless stated otherwise.
  • One artist cannot represent more than one country in the same contest. For example, Kelly Clarkson cannot represent both the United States and Greece in a single edition.
  • The winner of a contest will automatically qualify for the Grand Final of the subsequent contest in the event that Semi-Finals become necessary, and will be eligible to send two songs in the next edition.
  • Participants cannot vote for their own country.
  • In the event of Semi-Finals, qualifiers will be decided based on which countries receive the most points from their fellow semi-finalists. As of the eighth edition, which saw the first use of semi-finals, the standard number of qualifying countries was seven per semi-final, which has since been raised to eight, or, in the event of an exceptionally large edition of the contest, ten. Additionally, there must be at least 26 participating countries before a semi-final round is even considered.
  • Once a song has represented a country, it cannot be used again in a subsequent edition of the contest, unless that edition is a special edition, or other exceptions are applied at the discretion of the organising body.
  • If a song is disqualified, it is permanently ineligible to participate at the contest in all editions thereafter.
  • Countries are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, which is reset each month, meaning that it is difficult to guarantee a player the same country in each edition unless they reserve it early in the process.
  • As of the twelfth edition, some songs (particularly those used prominently in other contests) may be refused entry to the contest, in the interests of fairness to the other participants. This is done at the discretion of the host, and the decision is moderated by an anonymous third-party group. As such, any decisions taken on whether or not a song is eligible are considered final and non-negotiable.
  • Any edits to any pages pertinent to the contest on this wiki made without prior notification to the host, without consent, or without authorisation, will be considered vandalism, regardless of said edits' content or other modifications to the page in question. As such, any changes fitting these criteria will be reverted at the earliest convenience.

Eligible participantsEdit

Any sovereign state is eligible to participate in the contest, alongside the exceptions listed below.

¹Flag of Antarctica Antarctica is permitted to take part, because of the following countries owning stakes of the continent, in the form of the territories listed here:

Participants to dateEdit

See: Countries in the Yourovision Song Contest

National finalsEdit

To date, nine users have used national finals as a means of selecting their entry for the Yourovision countries. They are as follows:

Name Country Host Editions Status
Voice for Yourovision Various europezgal08 9 Inactive
La Scelta per Yourovision Italy Italy Vinxtokio 2 Inactive
Yourovision Battle Royale (#2) Multiple TessHex 2 Inactive
Yourosong Various Queen of the Clouds 2 Inactive
Belgian Selection Belgium Belgium eetucalling 1 Inactive
Yourovision: You Decide Australia Australia Jarickben38 3 Inactive
Your Mini-Selection Spain Spain EscAlfon 2 Inactive
Yourovision Grand Prix Denmark Denmark Anton Schüsler 1 Inactive
And For Yourovision We Send... Poland Poland KingDriverFC 1 Inactive

The Bezençon-Craig Yourovision AwardsEdit

See also: The Bezençon-Craig Yourovision Awards

These are awards given out every quarter, to the best songs in four categories: best video, most original song, most underrated song, and best overall song. Songs for the latter two categories are nominated automatically, through finished in the lowest-scoring two places, and highest-scoring two places in an edition, respectively. The winning nominees are announced in December, March, and August of each year, although there is no actual prize beyond the recognition of the award itself. As of the 24th edition, the Bezençon-Craig Yourovision Awards have been shelved, with the possibility of its return in the future.


Edition Slogan Entries Winner Entry Points 2nd 3rd
#1 Finland
Flawless 12 Greece Greece Kelly Clarkson
"People Like Us"
96 Norway Norway Serbia Serbia
#2 Greece
Cosmic 13 USA United States Lana Del Rey
"Young And Beautiful"
68 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Portugal Portugal
#3 USA
New York
True Art 13 Denmark Denmark Emmelie De Forest
"Let It Fall"
85 Australia Australia Norway Norway
#4 Denmark
Generations of Sound 21 Ireland Ireland Miley Cyrus
"Wrecking Ball"
57 USA United States China China
#5 Ireland
Let's go! 13 United Kingdom United Kingdom Ellie Goulding
77 Germany Germany USA United States
#6 United Kingdom
United We Stand 14 Netherlands Netherlands Miss Montreal
"Say Heaven, Say Hell"
97 Australia Australia Spain Spain
#7 Netherlands
To The Sky 19 Denmark Denmark Ida
"Maybe I Like It"
81 Albania Albania Spain Spain
#8 Denmark
Every Second Counts 28 Luxembourg Luxembourg Sandra Van Nieuwland
90 Malaysia Malaysia Netherlands Netherlands
#9 Luxembourg
Sweet Harmony 18 San Marino San Marino Christina Perri
101 Romania Romania New Zealand New Zealand
#10 San Marino
San Marino
Pure Imagination 19 Italy Italy Annalisa
"Alice E Il Blu"
102 Australia Australia New Zealand New Zealand
#11 Italy
Unbreakable 17 United Kingdom United Kingdom Molly Smitten-Downes
"Beneath The Lights"
89 New Zealand New Zealand Australia Australia
#12 United Kingdom
Endless Possibilities 19 Luxembourg Luxembourg Lisa Lois
101 Poland Poland France France
#13 Luxembourg
Ignite! 16 New Zealand New Zealand Lorde
"Yellow Flicker Beat"
108 Hungary Hungary Japan Japan
#14 New Zealand
Free Your Mind 27 Finland Finland Jannika B
80 Luxembourg Luxembourg Sweden Sweden
#15 Finland
Dreams Come True 13 United Kingdom United Kingdom Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato
78 Czech Republic Czech Republic Netherlands Netherlands
#16 United Kingdom
Rebirth 16 United Kingdom United Kingdom Ellie Goulding
"Love Me Like You Do"
115 Canada Canada Australia Australia
#17 United Kingdom
Aim High 16 Ireland Ireland Hozier
"Take Me To Church"
91 Israel Israel France France
#18 Ireland
Fortune Favours The Brave 30 Estonia Estonia Elina Born & Stig Rästa
77 Lithuania Lithuania Italy Italy
#19 Estonia
Interconnected 17 Albania Albania Bebe Rexha
"I'm Gonna Show You Crazy"
124 Norway Norway Denmark Denmark
#20 Albania
Burning Passion 24 Italy Italy Francesca Michielin
"L'Amore Esiste"
126 Lithuania Lithuania Aland Islands Åland Islands
#21 Italy
Falling Free 15 Germany Germany Glasperlenspiel
"Nie Vergessen"
83 France France Poland Poland
#22 Germany
Mystify 22 Norway Norway Alida
113 Hungary Hungary Denmark Denmark
#23 Norway
Weightless 17 Belgium Belgium Barbara Opsomer
"Je Sors Ce Soir"
92 Georgia Georgia Philippines Philippines
#24 Belgium
Rhythm In Motion 39 Aland Islands Åland Islands Sophia Somajo
"Klein Blue"
100 Romania Romania United Kingdom United Kingdom
#25 Aland Islands
Persevere 17 Canada Canada Allie X
"Old Habits Die Hard"
73 France France Netherlands Netherlands
#26 Canada
Believe 16 Canada Canada Cœur De Pirate
"Crier Tout Bas"
96 Kosovo Kosovo Malta Malta
#27 Canada
Wild At Heart 22 Poland Poland Margaret
"Cool Me Down"
129 Norway Norway Spain Spain
#28 Poland
Harmonise 50 USA United States Elle King
"Ex's And Oh's"
95 Slovakia Slovakia Australia Australia
#29 USA
Los Angeles
Carefree 32 Norway Norway Alan Walker
143 Netherlands Netherlands New Zealand New Zealand
#30 Norway
Be A Star 27 Norway Norway Ina Wroldsen & Broiler
"Lay It On Me"
130 Canada Canada Spain Spain
#31 Norway
Serenity 29 Ukraine Ukraine Mika Newton
"Come Out And Play"
146 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Greenland Greenland
#32 Ukraine
Live In Hope 27 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica The Naked And Famous
150 Aland Islands Åland Islands Russia Russia
#33 New Zealand
Prosperity 49 Czech Republic Czechia Lenny


93 Mexico Mexico Belgium Belgium
  • Special editions, in which each user is allowed to send songs for two countries, are marked in blue.


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