Yourovision Battle Royale
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7 countries
11 songs

Voting starts

10th November 2014

Voting ends

23rd December 2014


Finland Finland & New Zealand New Zealand
"Jääkausi" & "Smash It"

Yourovision Battle Royale was a one-off national final to determine which countries TessHex would send to the fourteenth Yourovision Song Contest. As the fourteenth edition is a special edition in which all users send two countries, the top two highest-scoring countries in this national final will advance to Yourovision.
Because TessHex won the thirteenth edition of the contest, both winners of Yourovision Battle Royale will automatically qualify to the Grand Final of the fourteenth Yourovision Song Contest.

The format involves seven countries sending a total of eleven songs. The roster of countries in question consists of the four countries TessHex has used in the Yourovision Song Contest before (that is, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria and New Zealand) each sending two songs, alongside three wildcard countries sending one song each, for a total of eleven songs, with the idea being that everyone who votes will be forced to allocate 0 points to one song.

The voting format is identical to standard Eurovision voting, with 1 to 7 points, and 8, 10 and 12 point-units, being allocated to each voter's personal-favourite top 10 songs. Additionally, due to the number of participants, eleventh place will receive 0 points. The public's votes will be combined 50/50 with the jury's vote to create the final result. First place and second place will then advance to the fourteenth Yourovision Song Contest. In the event that two songs from the same country occupy first and second place, the higher-scoring of the two will take precedence, and the song in third place will advance to the contest instead.

Because of the fact that four countries have two entries, the public is requested to, when voting, allocate points to each artist, or song, rather than to the countries themselves, unless each country is referred to by its given letter-- A or B-- which derive from their place in the running-order.

Among the competing artists, Zowie and Elitsa & Stoyan have both competed on the Yourovision stage in the past, in its eighth edition, as TessHex's two entries in the previous special edition.

In a special twist to the voting results, because Finland occupied first and second place, both overall and in the public-vote, runner-up Jasmin Michaela's song, "Kertakäyttösydän", was announced as Finland's follow-up entry, in the upcoming fifteenth edition of the contest, to be held in February.


Draw Country Artist Song English translation Public Jury Total Place
01 New Zealand New Zealand A Zowie "Smash It" 8 4 12 3
02 Bulgaria Bulgaria A Gloria "Dvoyna Igra" Double-crossing 1 1 2 11
03 Finland Finland A Jasmin Michaela "Kertakäyttösydän" Throwaway heart 12 6 18 2
04 Germany Germany A Ben Ivory "The Righteous Ones" 2 7 9 8
05 Iceland Iceland Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir "Lífið Kviknar Á Ný" Life starts again 7 3 10 6
06 Bulgaria Bulgaria B Elitsa & Stoyan "Cosmos" 5 5 10 7
07 USA United States Sederwall "Party Right!" 0 12 12 4
08 New Zealand New Zealand B Daniel Bedingfield "If You're Not The One" 4 0 4 10
09 Germany Germany B Unheilig "Als Wär's Das Erste Mal" As though it were the first time 3 8 11 5
10 Moldova Moldova Nicoleta Gavriliţă "Freaky Thong" 6 2 8 9
11 Finland Finland B Jannika B "Jääkausi" Ice-age 10 10 20 1

Recap of the songsEdit

Yourovision Battle Royale Recap

Yourovision Battle Royale Recap

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