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3rd September 2016

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23rd September 2016



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Yourovision: You Decide #2 is the 2nd edition of Yourovision: You Decide and takes place 2 months after the first edition, where the song "I'd Go With You Anywhere" won with 61 points. 5 entries, all sung by San Cisco, will compete to win the right to represent Australia in the 32nd edition of the Yourovision Song Contest. The National Final is hosted by Jarickben38.     


The voting is 50/50 fan vote and jury vote.

Fan VoteEdit

Each fan ranks all 5 songs, giving 9,7,5,3 &1 points to each of the songs.The system looks like this:

9 points to 1st favourite
7 points to 2nd favourite
5 points to 3rd favourite
3 points to 4th favourite
1 point to 5th favourite
Once all of the votes have been received and the points calculated, the percent of the total vote a song received is the amount of points that song gets. For example, if a song receives 24% of the fan vote, it will receive 24 points.

Jury VoteEdit

Like the fans, the jury ranks all 5 songs, giving 9,7,5,3 &1 points to each of the songs. Also like the fan vote, the percent of the total vote that a song receives is the amount of points it gets. For example if a song gets 8% of the jury vote, it will receive 8 points.

Combined Edit

The combined points of the fan and jury votes gives the final result.


Draw Song Fan Votes Jury Votes Total Place
1 Awkward 19 36 55 1
2 Run 19 16 35 4
3 Too Much Time Together 26 24 50 2
4 Magic 15 4 19 5
5 Fred Astaire 21 20 41 3
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