Yourovision: You Decide
You Decide 3
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July 2016


Australia Australia




Third Edition: December 2016 / January 2017

Yourovision: You Decide is a national selection for the Yourovision Song Contest. It is hosted by Jarickben38. It was created in July 2016 to decide the entry for Australia in the 30th Edition of the Yourovision Song Contest. As of the 2nd edition of You Decide, the winner of You Decide has always qualified. The best result of a winner of You Decide is 14th, in the Yourovision Song Contest 30, with the song "I'd Go With You Anywhere" by Birds of Tokyo. You Decide runs every second edition of Yourovision, alternating between an internal selection and You Decide. At the moment, You Decide is planned to run 10 editions, with the 10th and last edition being a special edition with 20 songs.    


Edition Edition of YSC Artist Song Points YSC Placing YSC Points
#1 #30 Birds of Tokyo I'd Go With You Anywhere 61 14 62
#2 #32 San Cisco Awkward 55 16 45
#3 #34 Montaigne Because I Love You 57 TBD TBD
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