Generic logo used since the first edition
Genre Song Contest
Created by Flag of Serbia Fultz
Organization team Flag of Serbia Fultz
Flag of Bulgaria ESC Bulgaria
Country of origin Flag of Serbia Serbia
Original language(s) Flag of United Kingdom English
Other language(s) Flag of Yugoslavia Serbocroatian
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgarian
Flag of Germany German

Flag of France French

Location(s) Various
Running time Various (3-4 months)
Original run December 2017 -
Edition(s) 1 (so far)
Other Information
Community G+ Community

The Your European Music Contest (also referred to as YEMC) is a song contest on G+. It has been held since December 2017. Each contest lasts from 3 to 4 months. The contest is created by Fultz, who is also the current executive supervisor, and ESC Bulgaria.

History Edit

The nowadays executive supervisor Fultz had an idea of a larger song contest, after participating in many other ones. With his partner ESC Bulgaria they formed the Your European Music Contest. Sadly, the first YEMC editions failed to be as good as other song contests so YEMC was announced as closed. The directors made a smaller contest called BalkanVision Song Contest, having very success with it. In December 2017, the director had the idea to make a new version of the contest. With his partners they formed the new YEMC - better rules, less countries, good logos and videos. As being very excited, the supervisor announced the first participation for the YEMC 2018 - Summer Edition in late January 2018. In early April, the participation was closed and there were 40 countries in the participation list of the first ever edition of the YEMC. The Semi-Finals will be held in July, while the Grand Final will be probably held in August. For more informations see Format.

Format Edit

The Your European Music Contest is always held four times a year. Each season there will be one edition. While the summer edition is always the larger edition, the spring, autumn and winter edition are the smaller ones. In the summer edition, there can participate up to more than 40 countries, while in the other editions there can participate maximum only 20 countries.

Participation Edit

Main article: Members of YEMCBU

Any full member of the YEMCBU is allowed to send a song for the Your European Music Contest. Countries that are not full members can apply for becoming one. The Your European Music Contest Broadcasting Union has already accepted some countries that were not full members of the YEMCBU at the beginnings of the YEMC. However, the Broadcasting Union has also already declined a lot of countries and territories that wanted to become a full member - and to participate in the Your European Music Contest. Although they were rejected, there is still a chance they might debut in the future.

Each full member has a broadcaster, which is responsible for the choice of the artists and songs the country is sending for each edition. 40 countries have participated at least once. They are listed in the table below alongside the edition in which they made their debut.

Edn. Countries making their debut
2018 Summer-Edition All countries are debuting
2018 Autumn-Edition Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Hungary Hungary
2018 Winter-Edition
2019 Spring-Edition
2019 Summer-Edition
2019 Autumn-Edition

Borrowing countries Edit

Some countries with smaller music industries can borrow singers from their neighbours with bigger music industries. Here is a full list with countries that are able to borrow and from which countries they could borrow.

Borrowing Country Borrowing From
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Flag of Austria Austria and Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Flag of Belgium Belgium, Flag of France France and Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Malta Malta Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of San Marino San Marino Flag of Italy Italy

Other countries Edit

There are many countries or territories, which have applied for a membership in the YEMCBU, but were rejected because of various reasons. Here is a complete list of all countries which made unsuccessful attempts to participate in the contest.

Rejected countries Edit

The following countries' applications for joining the YEMCBU were rejected due to not enough recognition from the other members. However, Kosovo did participate in the first edition. There are still discussions whether these countries should participate later in the contest or not.

  • Flag of Catalonia Catalonia
  • Flag of Crimea Crimea
  • Flag of Kosovo Kosovo
  • Flag of Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus
  • Flag of Palestine Palestine

The following countries expressed their willingness to become members of the YEMCBU. However, their applications were rejected and it is not clear, whether these countries will be accepted to the YEMCBU later or not.

  • Flag of Jordan Jordan
  • Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
  • Flag of Syria Syria

The following territories are all part of other members of the YEMCBU, hence are not allowed to take part in the contest.

  • Flag of Aland Aland
  • Flag of the Azores.svg Azores
  • Flag of Basque Basque
  • Flag of Crete Crete
  • Flag of the Canary Islands.svg Canary Islands
  • Flag of England England
  • Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
  • Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar
  • Flag of Greenland Greenland
  • Flag of Isle of Man Isle of Man
  • Flag of Kaliningrad Oblast Kaliningrad Oblast
  • Flag of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
  • Flag of Republika Srpska Republika Srpska
  • Flag of Scotland Scotland
  • Flag of Transnistria Transnistria
  • Flag of Wales Wales

Former members Edit

The following countries were once members of the YEMCBU, but lost their rights to be in the Broadcasting Union. It is still not ruled out these countries to return on a later stage of the contest.

  • Flag of Algeria Algeria
  • Flag of Egypt Egypt
  • Flag of Libya Libya
  • Flag of Morocco Morocco
  • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
  • Flag of Vatican City Vatican City

Associate members Edit

The following countries provide a radio and television service outside the Your European Broadcasting area, thus becoming a membership as associate members. Although these countries are able to broadcast the YEMC, they are not allowed to take part in it.

  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • Flag of China China
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba
  • Flag of Iran Iran
  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea
  • Flag of United States United States

Hosting Edit

Host country Edit

Every edition will be held in the country which won the last edition. If a country doesn't have the chance to host the next event, then a neighbouring country that also participates in the contest will be responsible for the organization of the edition.


The general logo, developed by a Bulgarian team (see ESC Bulgaria), was already introduced in the first edition. The logo features the name of the contest and below of it the name of the host city with the number of the edition.

Slogan Edit

Since the first edition slogans are used for the contest. In each edition the host broadcaster is in charge to decide the slogan of the edition and based on it, to develop the contest's theme and visual design.

Edition Host city Slogan
2018 Summer Flag of Netherlands Amsterdam #Reborn

Voting Edit

System Edit

Each country votes by giving one set of 1-8, 10 and 12 points. All countries use televoting and/or SMS-voting (50%) and juries (50%) to get the country's top ten. In an event of a tie, the televote score takes precedence. The countries cannot give points to themselves.

Ties for the first place and nul pointsEdit

There have been no cases of a country receiving nul points.

In case of a tie between two or more countries, the country that received more 12 points wins the tie. However, if the number of 12 points is the same, the number of the 10 points are counted and if they are still tied it goes on until the tie breaks.

Highest scores Edit

Place Country Song Points

Pre-qualified countries Edit

In the first edition of the contest, only the host country was automatically qualified to the final.

Еdn. First country Second country Third country Fourth country Fifth country Sixth country
2018 Summer Flag of Netherlands Netherlands n/a

Winners Edit

Edn. Winner Artist Song Points
2018 - Summer Edition TBA TBA TBA TBA

Related projects Edit

The following spin-offs of the contest are being planned or have been discussed.

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