World Voice Contest

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Also known as WVC
Genre Song contest
Created by Greece MrEuroVoice
Country of origin List of countries
Language(s) English
Location(s) List of host cities
Running time About 3 weeks
Original channel [1]
Original run 11 July 2012 – present
Status WVC 12 will start soon
Editions 11
Specials 1
Number of countries 72
Number of songs 201 (w/o #9)

World Voice Contest (abbreviated WVC), is a song contest on Youtube. The contest is hosted by MrEuroVoice. The contest has currently for 11 editions, including one special edition.


  1. You can submit an entry via sending me a personal message with the following information: Country, Artist, Song. The song you want to participate with it, it must be from the country you selected.
  2. Songs from (J)ESC cannot participate.
  3. Everyone can vote. Voting is in Eurovision style (12,10,8-1) for your 10 favourite songs!
  4. You can't vote for your song!
  5. The song with the most points wins!
  6. The winner can send a second entry in the next edition!
  7. These following countries/territories can borrow songs from bigger neighbours-countries.
Country Neighbour
Belgium Belgium, France France Luxembourg Luxembourg
Denmark Denmark Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Greenland Greenland
France France Monaco Monaco
Germany Germany Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Italy Italy San Marino San Marino
Spain Spain Andorra Andorra
Sweden Sweden Aland Islands Åland Islands


Each editions takes about 3 weeks (2 Semifinals, SCF and Final).

WVC editions

Special EditionsEdit

Main article: The Best of WVC

The Best of WVC was the first special edition of WVC and has so far completed 1 edition. The first winner was Sharon Doorson with Fail in Love which got the first place in the 6th edition for Netherlands. Template:TBoW editions


Cyprus Cyprus was the first winner of WVC. United Kingdom was the first to win three times and the first to win three editions in a row. Mexico was the first winner outside of Europe, followed by Trinidad and Tobago. None artist hasn't managed to win twice the contest, yet. Below you can see all the winners of WVC:

WVC Country Artist Song Points Runner-up Host city
#01 Cyprus Cyprus Nikki Ponte ft. Dimension-X "Hey You" 87 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico United Kingdom London
#02 Greece Greece Nicko "Break Me" 113 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Cyprus Nicosia
#03 Mexico Mexico Paulina Rubio "Boys will be boys" 91 Cyprus Cyprus Greece Athens
#04 Romania Romania Alexandra Stan "Lemonade" 88 Italy Italy Mexico Mexico City
#05 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Nicki Minaj "Starships" 70 Ukraine Ukraine Romania Bucharest
#06 Netherlands Netherlands Sharon Doorson "Fail in Love" 96 Greece Greece Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
#07 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Aura Dione "Geronimo" 94 Greece Greece Netherlands Amsterdam
#08 United Kingdom UK Little Mix "DNA" 89 Norway Norway Faroe Islands Torshavn
#09 United Kingdom UK Pixie Lott "Mama Do" 128 Moldova Moldova United Kingdom Manchester
#10 United Kingdom UK Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch "Sweet Nothing" 112 Morocco Morocco United Kingdom Liverpool
#11 South Korea South Korea Purplay "Love and Remember" 118 Sweden Sweden United Kingdom Edinburgh
#12 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA South Korea Seoul

Special Edition winners Edit

Currently one edition of The Best of WVC has been held. The first winner was Sharon Doorson with Fail in Love which won the 6th edition for Netherlands.

TBoT Country Artist Song Points Runner-up Host city
#01 Netherlands Netherlands Sharon Doorson "Fail in Love" 77 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Belgium Brussels

Winning UsersEdit

WVC Winning User
#1 XX1
#2 Greece MrGiorgos2012
#3 Greece Cristiano Ronaldo
#4 Greece Cristiano Ronaldo
#5 Turkey 67Qarizzzma
#6 Netherlands AleksxHille
#7 Greece MrEuroVoice
#8 Spain Canariofalso14
#9 Germany xESCFR3AKx
#10 Greece MrEuroVoice
#11 Greece HopingAngels
  • 1 Host submitted all the entries.

Host Cities Edit

These are the countries that hosted the World Voice Contest. United Kingdom hosted the contest four times.

TVC Host city
#1 United Kingdom London
#2 Cyprus Nicosia
#3 Greece Athens
#4 Mexico Mexico City
#5 Romania Bucharest
#6 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
#7 Netherlands Amsterdam
#8 Faroe Islands Torshavn
#9 United Kingdom Manchester
#10 United Kingdom Liverpool
#11 United Kingdom Edinburgh
#12 South Korea Seoul

Participation Edit

In total 72 countries have participated in WVC for at least 1 time. The United States and the United Kingdom have competed in all the current editions. These are listed here alongside the edition in which they made their debut:

Edition Country making its debut entry
#1 Austria Austria, Belgium Belgium, Canada Canada, Colombia Colombia, Cyprus Cyprus, Georgia Georgia, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Italy Italy, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Romania Romania, Spain Spain, Sweden Sweden, Turkey Turkey, United Kingdom United Kingdom, USA United States, Uruguay Uruguay
#2 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Brazil Brazil, Denmark Denmark, England England, France France, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Malta Malta, Norway Norway, Serbia Serbia, Slovakia Slovakia
#3 Albania Albania, North Macedonia FYR Macedonia, Mexico Mexico, Netherlands Netherlands, Russia Russia
#4 Australia Australia, Guatemala Guatemala, Haiti2-icon Haiti
#5 Kosovo Kosovo, Philippines Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine Ukraine
#6 Belarus Belarus, Iceland Iceland, South Korea South Korea, Tunisia Tunisia
#7 Barbados Barbados, Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Greenland Greenland, Hungary Hungary, Ivory Coast Ivory Coast, Latvia Latvia, Portugal Portugal, Slovenia Slovenia
#8 Finland Finland, Montenegro Montenegro, Poland Poland
#9 Aland Islands Åland Islands, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein, Moldova Moldova, Morocco Morocco, Switzerland Switzerland, Zambia Zambia
#10 Algeria Algeria, China China, Gambia Gambia, Guyana Guyana, Japan Japan, Lebanon Lebanon, New Zealand New Zealand
#11 Armenia Armenia, Croatia Croatia, Ecuador Ecuador, Lithuania Lithuania

User Score & AwardsEdit

User Score was introduced in the third edition. The winner gets 10 points, 2nd place gets 9 points, 3rd gets 8p, 4th gets 7p etc. There are no awards in WVC.

Last update: Edition 11.

Place User Points
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 55
2 ESCTurkeyFan67 51
3 xESCFR3AKx 33
4 MrGiorgos2012 32
5 AleksxHille 26
6 Canariofalso14 24
7 1997daryl 19
8 melkertherocker 14
10 George Dallass 13
13 MrLee507 11
14 HopingAngels 10
16 EuroSerbia100 9
apostolis apostolakis
20 AmazingMusicContest 8
22 panoskpaok1998 7
23 Blandin3tte 6
26 Jimmys1113 5
27 Fanis Mark 4
28 MrMinedoki97 3
29 Aggeliki Pap 2
34 DouzePointa Royaume Uni 1

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