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12th January 2012




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WideVision Song Contest 13, often referred to as WVSC 13, was the 13th edition of WideVision Song Contest. There were 3 Semi Finals with 12 songs in each. The voting period in the edition lasted for 16 days.

About Edit

It was held in Cairo ,when Myra Sky won the previous edition with song "House of Cards" for Egypt.There were 36 participants devided in 3 Semi-Final with 12 songs in each.

National FinalsEdit

Contest Country
A Song for the United States #2 USA United States
GermanyVision Song Contest #2 Germany Germany
Korean Music Contest #1 South Korea South Korea


Award Recipient
Jury TBA
Underrated entry TBA
Sucess TBA

Participants Edit

Here you can find the details of the participants in this edition.

Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries

Returning artists:
Adam Lambert is returning for Norway Norway.
Akcent,are returning for Romania Romania.
Emeli Sandee is returning for Zambia Zambia.
Girls' Generation are returning for South Korea South Korea.
Katy Perry is returning for Portugal Portugal.
Shy'm,the winner of WVSC 4,is returning for Monaco Monaco this time,making also Monaco's first appearance.

Other facts Edit

This was the second time where there was an edition with 3 Semifinals. It could be 37 countries not 36 but Poland Poland was disqualified because the song was the same with Hungary Hungary,but Hungary's was submited 2 days before Poland's.

Results Edit

Semi Final 1 Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Belarus Belarus Dmitry Koldun feat. Alex Brashovean "Ray of Light" TBA TBA
2 Lithuania Lithuania Studentes "Romanas" TBA TBA
3 Ireland Ireland Yellowcard "Ocean Avenue" TBA TBA
4 Andorra Andorra Andreu Rifé "Fil De Llum" TBA TBA
5 Sweden Sweden Lena Philipsson feat. Dead By April "Dance In The Neon Light" TBA TBA
6 Bulgaria Bulgaria Ive "Sunlight" TBA TBA
7 South Korea South Korea Girls' Generation "I got a Boy" TBA TBA
8 Greece Greece Kaiti Garbi "Isovios Desmos" TBA TBA
9 Argentina Argentina Deborah de Corral "Irreal" TBA TBA
10 Portugal Portugal Katy Perry "The one that got away" TBA TBA
11 Zambia Zambia Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandee "Beneath Your Beautiful" TBA TBA
12 France France Greg Parys "Why don't we just fuck" TBA TBA

Semi Final 2 Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Croatia Croatia Krunoslav Kico Slabinac "Kad U Ponoc Netko Kuca" TBA TBA
2 Spain Spain Juan Magan "Chica Latina" TBA TBA
3 Romania Romania Akcent "Dragoste De Inchiriat" TBA TBA
4 Australia Australia Shannon Noll "Switch Me On" TBA TBA
5 Norway Norway Adam Lambert "Mad World" TBA TBA
6 Germany Germany Glasperlenspiel "Freundschaft" TBA TBA
7 Tunisia Tunisia Saber El Roba3y "Sidi Mansour" TBA TBA
8 Hungary Hungary Ke$ha "C'mon" TBA TBA
9 USA United States Green Day "Wake Me Up When September Ends" TBA TBA
10 Belgium Belgium Belle Perez "Que Viva La Vida" TBA TBA
11 United Kingdom United Kingdom Little Mix "Pretend it's OK" TBA TBA
12 Netherlands Netherlands Alain Clark "Father & Friend" TBA TBA

Semi Final 3 Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Victoria Justice "Freak the freak out" TBA TBA
2 Montenegro Montenegro Ana Nikolic "Ekstaza" TBA TBA
3 Denmark Denmark Boban Rajovic "Kad se opet dotjeras za mene" TBA TBA
4 Serbia Serbia Emina Jahović "Da Mogu" TBA TBA
5 Monaco Monaco Shy'm "Et Alors" TBA TBA
6 Canada Canada Simple Plan "Perfect World" TBA TBA
7 Austria Austria Christina Strumer "Vorbei" TBA TBA
8 Armenia Armenia Astghik Safaryan "Sev Aknots" TBA TBA
9 Russia Russia Vintazh feat. Chinkong "Svezhaya Voda" TBA TBA
10 Jamaica Jamaica VV Brown "Shark in the water" TBA TBA
11 Albania Albania Adrian feat. Floriani "Ngjyra e kuqe" TBA TBA
12 Mexico Mexico Demi Lovato "Rascacielo" TBA TBA

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