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WideVision Song Contest (abbreviated WVSC), is a song contest on Youtube. The contest started on July 2nd.It's managed by 1 person from Greece,named Chris.Its aim is to share new music all around the world and to meet new people.The number of participants have been aranged from 24 (WVSC 8) to 46 (WVSC 10).

Rules Edit

The basic rule for WVSC is users to vote in the Semi-Final which they participate,or they will be diqualified.Users must also vote in the grand final.Users who fail to vote for a long time,are not allowed to submit an entry for upcoming editions of WVSC.Everyone is allowed to vote with a youtube account older than 14 days,not only the users who participate.Users can not vote for their own song,but,they can vote for their own country,if someone else have submited a song with their country of course.If someone is caught to cheat by voting with multiple accounts,the user will be banned from the near future editions of the contest.Telling a friend or a relative who has a youtube account to vote is also cheating.

Voting system Edit

The voting system is the same in the Eurovision Song Contest used.Users vote for their 10 favourite songs by posting a comment under the video or by sending a private message with 12,10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 points.

Editions Edit

Every edition with the new schedule,a WVSC edition keeps usually 16 days.But if there are enough votes,voting may close earlier than 4 days.

Breaks Edit

1st break was officially in December 10,2012.WVSC returned in December 27th,2012.

Submitting Edit

There are many conditions if an entry is participating or not. A basic rule is the users must not submit an entry before the year 2000.Cover songs usually are not allowed.The songs can be no longer than 7 minutes.If a video clip keeps more than 7 minutes,the user must send a link with only the song.Sometimes,there are exceptions to these rules.

WVSC gave additional options to users when they submit a song. They can also submit a photo of an artist,they Youtube video link and the 20 seconds.

National Finals Edit

WVSC introduced the National Finals in the 5th edition.The users submit from 10 to 20 songs theirselves and the users vote in the recap.Click here to read more.

Winners Edit

South Korea South Korea,was the 1st winner and also the 1st country to win outside the Europe. USA United States was the 1st country to win in the continent of America. Germany Germany was the 1st country to win in Europe.France France was the first country to win twice.

WVSC Country Artist Song
#1 South Korea South Korea 2NE1 "I Love You"
#2 USA United States Britney Spears "One More Time"
#3 Germany Germany Jennifer Braun "I Care For You"
#4 France France Shy'm "Prendre l'air"
#5 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Ziyoda "Kun Tong"
#6 Denmark Denmark Karen Viuff "Universe"
#7 Moldova Moldova Diana Grigor "Tonight"
#8 France France Khaled "C'est la vie!"
#9 Philippines Philippines Charice "Louder"
#10 United Kingdom UK Adele "Skyfall"
#11 South Africa South Africa Lee Scott "Net'n Bietjie Meer Tyd"
#12 Egypt Egypt Myra Sky "House of Cards"

WVSC winners
1. South Korea I Love You 2. USA One More Time 3. Germany I Care For You 4. France Prendre l'air 5. Uzbekistan Kun Tong 6. Denmark Universe 7. Moldova Tonight 8. France C'est la vie! 9. Philippines Louder 10. United Kingdom Skyfall 11. South Africa Net'n Bietjie Meer Tyd 12. Egypt House of Cards

Winning Users Edit

Turkey TheTurkishboy90 is the only users who have won twice. Greece HopingAngels won one time with Danish Song Contest and one time with his personal entry.

#1 Greece HopingAngels
#2 Turkey TheTurkishboy90
#3 United Kingdom EurovisionJess
#4 Germany smileybuddy4
#5 Turkey TheTurkishboy90
#6 Greece HopingAngels
#7 Greece WVisionSongContest
#8 France Genouflexion
#9 Greece HopingAngels
#10 Netherlands 22DutchDude
#11 USA Lynxes21
#12 Greece MrEuroVoice

Special editions Edit

WideVision Song Contest has also a special edition.It has happening every 10 editions.It's called "Country Draw". Click in the link to see more details. 

Partner contests Edit

WideVision Song Contest has 8 partner contests.Ourvision Song Contest joined 1st and after this,Tubevision Contest joined the partnership.Also,other partner contests are: The Voice Song Contest , Magical Music Contest and Imagine Song Contest There are many more partner contests ( Glorious Song Contest,ValiumSounds Contest,World Music Bash )

Jury Edit

WVSC has a jury.Current jury membmers are from Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina and USA United States.They were introduced to the 2nd edition.They vote in each Semi-Final and in the final and their job is to rank the songs from the 1st to the last.The jury rankings are made in public after the end of the edition.In the 1st edition,jury was the WVSC Manager and the rankings were made in public only from 1st to 5th song.

User score Edit

User Score is a way to encourage people to vote in all Semi Finals and Final.It gives 2 points when you vote in your Semi-Final,1 point when you submit an entry,2 points when you vote in the final,3 when you are 1st,2 when you are second and 1 when you are 3rd.However,you lose points when you don't vote in your semi-final and in the final. NOTE: USER SCORE ISN'T ACTIVE NOW.

Awards Edit

The awards were introduced to the 1st edition of WVSC.They're separated in three categories.2 of 3 awards are given by the jury.

Jury Award Edit

The jury award is given by the jury,to the song which think that they deserved to win.[NOT ACTIVE]

12 points Award Edit

The 12 points award is given to the country which received most 12 points in the final.The award has stoped being given.

Underrated entry Award Edit

The underrated entry award is given by the jury,to the song which think that it deserved a higher place in the contest.

NS Award Edit

The WVSC Management gives the NS award to the country that thinks that hosted the best NS.

Sucess Award Edit

This award is given to the country who received much love in this edition about its entry.

Borrowing Countries Edit

As some countries have a really small population,it's allowed to participate with a song of their neighbour country. From the 11th edition,the

Country Can Borrow From
Monaco Monaco France France
Tuvalu Tuvalu Australia Australia
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Germany Germany
San Marino San Marino Italy Italy
Greenland Greenland Denmark Denmark
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Denmark Denmark
Aland Islands Åland Islands Sweden Sweden
Andorra Andorra Spain Spain

Logos Edit

There's one official logo.In the first 2 editions,a logo with only changing the flag was being used but it stoped.In the middle of the 2nd edition a new logo was introduced but it is used very rarely.Before the 3rd edition,a new logo was introduced and it's marked as the official logo.But after that,an anonymous user created those logos and the audience decided the very final.At the 7th edition,a logo for every country was introduced again.

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