Wanda Stuart


6th January 1968 (44 years old)


Lisbon, Portugal Portugal


Singer and Actress

Wanda Stuart is a singer and actress from Portugal. She participate in Festival Da Canção (portuguese national final to ESC) in 2011 with the song Chegar À Tua Voz ended up in 4th place with 10 points (7 from the jury and 3 from the public). She also sent a song to Festival Da Canção in 2009 named "Não Me Importa" (I Don't Care) but the song didn't came to the final although it had lyrics written by one of the most amazing portuguese singers ever: Simone D'Oliveira who also participate in ESC twice.

Wanda is best known in Portugal by her blue hair.

She mostly works in musicals in theaters.

Songs Edit

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