Vladimir "Vlado" Georgiev is a Serbian recording artist. Georgiev remains one of the most prominent musicians in the Balkans.

Georgiev was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia to Dragoljub, (a Bulgarian from Dimitrovgrad, Serbia) and Borka (a Serb from Sarajevo, Bosnia.) He has an older brother, Saša.

Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Herceg Novi in Montenegro, where he was raised and lived until age 16, after which he and his brother moved to Belgrade. He rides motorcycles, and has traveled around Europe on his Harley-Davidson.

Career Georgiev has recorded three studio albums to date: "Navika" ("Habit") in 2001, and Žena bez imena (Woman without a name) in 2003, and "Daljina" ("Distance") in 2013. In 2005, he released a hit single, "Nisam ljubomoran" ("I'm not jealous"). After a two-year break he released a single, "Do svitanja" ("Till Dawn"), along with a ballad, "Ti i ja" ("You and I"). In 2009, he released two singles again, "Hej ti" ("Hey You"), which became a huge success, along with a ballad, "Bez tebe" ("Without You").

He played the accordion, then he started playing piano, synthesizers and other keyboards. He started writing songs for himself and for the other popular stars in ex-Yugoslavia. He was also a producer for the Montenegrin hip hop band Monteniggers, and is still a friend with their only living member, Niggor. Georgiev and Niggor recorded the song "Tropski bar" together. He has his own record label, Barba Music and VG-Art studio production company, Studio Barba, in Belgrade. He worked as coach in the two editions of the Serbian version of the talent-show The Voice (Prvi glas Srbije) in 2011-12.

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