• I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Electrical rework technician contractor / YouTube content provider
  • I am Male

TessHex, short for 'Tessellating Hexagons', also known around the Internet as That Guy. I'm a linguist and a self-confessed Eurovision fanatic, a contest host, an LPer and an occasional vlogger. And a comedian, maybe? An entertainer, at the very least. Other than that, there's nothing to see here.

There's a proper page about me here, the TVTropes page about me is here, my YouTube channels are here (Yourovision Song Contest) and here (LPs, reviews, sketches, vlogs, and more...but mostly just the first two)-- also, I'm a member of this gaming network-- and links to the pages about the contest I run, the Yourovision Song Contest, can be found below.

Yourovision Song Contest
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