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Wiki: What to do

Task Process
Clean up OVSC 1 to current. Completed.
Re-create tables in new style from OVSC 1 to current. Few remaining.
Clean up OVSC main article. Completed.
Check correct links in OVSC 1 to current for songs and artists. Not started.
Check correct links to national selections from OVSC 10 to current. Not started.
New pages for all national selections. Not started.
Update results for all countries. Completed.
Create new "Country in OVSC" templates for all song pages. Not started.
New pages for all OVSC songs and add template. Not started.
Create new "Country in OVSC" articles and link from each country page. Israel next. A-Z.
New pages for all OVSC artists. Not started.
Clean up List of: national selections, continental selections, cancelled selections, song contests. Not started.
Clean up OVSC, Song of the Decade and transfer MY Sound/DMC SotD to existing SotD articles by country. Not started.
Create new "Country-OVSC" template for all countries. Completed.
Edit OVSC 1 to current to replace with "Country-OVSC" template everywhere. 29 next. 30-1.
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