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United States of Song 2020
 is the fifth edition of the United States of Song music contest, which takes place between February and July 2020. The contest is produced and directed by gplehner, and features song entries from all 50 states and one US territory.

This is the first edition of the contest under its new name, which changed from 50 States of Song.


The rules for United States of Song 2020 are loosely based around the Eurovision Song Contest, with some minor differences. There were a few minor rules, but the majority remained the same:

  • Songs must be between 3 and 4 minutes long.
  • Songs must be original compositions. No covers!
  • The artist or band must live in or be from the U.S. state they represent.
  • The artist or band must not have had a Top 40 hit on several of the Billboard charts at any time prior to the contest. This guarantees up-and-coming artists only.
  • The artist must be 14 years or older as of the year of their song's release (They must be born before January 1st, 2006.)
  • Artists who placed in the Top 10 of the previous edition are not allowed to re-enter for one year.
  • Songs should be accompanied by a music video, but it is not required.
  • In this contest's edition, songs must have been publicly released between January and December 2019.


The song contest is held entirely online, but a "host" city is chosen to coincide with the U.S. state of the winning entry from the previous contest. In this case, Missouri is the host state, and Kansas City is the host city.

The goal is to attend the host city and film on location for the contest. Travel plans to Kansas City are TBD.

State Song SelectionsEdit

There were five state song selections held in 2020. Three allowed voters to choose the entry using a points system: California, New York, and Texas. Each state selection featured eight songs, and interested voters contributed points towards their favorites to determine the winners. Each voter was required to give their points on a 10-8-6-4-2-1 scale. The remaining two songs would receive no points; this was to make it less likely that a tie for 1st place would occur. Tennesse and Florida held four-song state selection duels to determine their entry. Voters chose their favorite song between a two-song matchup, and the winner of each matchup proceeded to a final duel round. The winner of that final round became the 2020 entry.


The Californian state selection was the first-ever selection for the state, and also featured ten original acts, most from the Los Angeles region.

Song California California #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Total Place
1 Fairground Saints - "California"
2 Anja Kotar - "House Party"
3 Dana Williams - "Holiday"
4 MUNA - "Number One Fan"
5 Kitten - "Me"
6 Alex Ebert - "Stronger"
7 Moxi - "Wolves"
8 DeathByRomy - "Let Me Fall"

New YorkEdit

The 3rd New York state selection featured eight acts

Song New York New York #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Total Place
1 Loote - "Tomorrow Tonight"
2 BAILEN - "I Was Wrong"
3 Megan Vice - "Super Delicious"
4 Raia Was - "I Can't Reason"
5 MALINDA - "Don't Make Me"
6 LP - "Shaken"
7 Grace Gaustad - "Photogenic"
8 Harloe - "One More Chance"


This was Texas' first state song selection, and like California and Florida, featured eight original songs from artists who were predominantly from Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Song Texas Texas #1 Total Place
1 Marem Ladson - "Nothing Really Matters"
2 Jessie Frye - "Fantasy"
3 Paul Cauthen - "Holy Ghost Fire"
4 Robert Ellis - "When You're Away"
5 Waterparks - "Easy To Hate"
6 Royse - "Oxygen"
7 Wild Moccasins - "Doe-Eyed Dancer"
8 Oh, Weatherly - "Without My Ring"


This was the first-ever state selection for Florida, which used a song duel matchup format to determine its entry. Between four songs, the winner was decided. NYA was revealed as the winner on 24 February 2020.


This was the 3rd Tennessean state selection for United States of Song, but its format had been changed to the 'duel' format.

The winner was revealed on 24 February 2020. Between four songs, the winner was decided. The winner was Built By Titan featuring Joe Kirk, with the song "Ghost".


To qualify for the Final Round, 50 entries were randomly drawn into two groups of 25, and then ordered randomly. The format remained the same as the 2019 format, where voting for semifinals took place at different times. The hosting state's song (Missouri) automatically qualified to the Final Round.

The "Jury" voting system stayed the same in 2020. Jury voting was structured in the 'Eurovision' style, on a 1 to 12 scale, with 12 points given to the juror's favorite song, and progressing down 10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points for their ten favorite songs out of 25. Jurors were allowed to vote for both semifinals.

There was no Public voting in the Semifinal.

Semifinal ResultsEdit

The semifinals determined which 12 songs would progress to the Final Round.

Semifinal 1Edit

Voting for Semifinal 1 opened on TBD 2020, and closed on TBD. Late votes were accepted until TBD, and the qualifying entries were announced on TBD.

Song # US State Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Colorado.svg Colorado
02 Flag of Connecticut Connecticut
03 Tennessee Tennessee Built by Titan ft. Joe Kirk "Ghost"
04 Flag of Washington.svg Washington
05 Flag of Nevada.svg Nevada
06 Flag of Oklahoma.svg Oklahoma
07 New York New York
08 Oregon Oregon
09 Flag of Iowa.svg Iowa
10 Flag of New Hampshire New Hampshire
11 Wyoming Wyoming
12 Flag of Maryland Maryland
13 Montana Montana
14 Flag of Kentucky.svg Kentucky
15 Flag of Louisiana Louisiana
16 South Dakota South Dakota
17 Flag of Idaho Idaho
18 Ohio Ohio
19 Flag of new jersey New Jersey
20 Flag of Indiana.svg Indiana
21 Flag of Utah.svg Utah
22 Flag of Arizona.svg Arizona
23 Vermont Vermont
24 Florida Florida NYA "Love You To Death"
25 Flag of North Carolina North Carolina

Semifinal 2Edit

Voting for Semifinal 2 opened on TBD, and ended on TBD. The qualifiers were announced on TBD.

Song # US State Artist Song Place Points
01 SouthCarolina South Carolina
02 Flag of Maine.svg Maine
03 Hawaii Hawaii
04 Flag of Alabama.svg Alabama
05 California California
06 Flag of Illinois Illinois
07 RhodeIsland Rhode Island
08 Alaska Alaska
09 Flag of New Mexico.svg New Mexico
10 Flag of Minnesota.svg Minnesota
11 Virginia Virginia
12 Mississippi Mississippi
13 Texas Texas
14 Kansas Kansas
15 Flag of Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia
16 Delaware Delaware
17 Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Pennsylvania
18 Flag of Wisconsin.svg Wisconsin
19 Michigan Michigan
20 Flag of Massachusetts.svg Massachusetts
21 Flag of Nebraska Nebraska
22 Arkansas Arkansas
23 North Dakota North Dakota
24 U.S. Territory
25 WestVirginia West Virginia

Final RoundEdit

The 2020 Final Round featured 12 qualifying songs from each semifinal, as well as the host state's entry, for a grand total of 25 songs. The voting period stayed open for around TBD weeks. Voters had to analyze the 25 songs, which were ordered randomly, and submit a ballot via survey.

The voting method for the Public voters may change after critical feedback was received in 2019. More information to come.

Final ResultsEdit

Twenty-five US states participated in the Final Round. The voting period is expected to open in TBD 2020, and close at TBD 2020. The results were announced on TBD 2020.

Draw US State Artist Song Place Points
24 Flag of Missouri.svg Missouri

Tabular ResultsEdit

Below are the reorganized tabular ballots of the Semifinals (jury vote only) and Final Round (50% Jury, and 50% Public Vote).

Semifinal OneEdit

  • TBD

Semifinal TwoEdit

  • TBD

Final RoundEdit

  • TBD
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