Tubevision Contest 3


Tubevision Contest

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USA Washington


Final: 28 September, 2011


Sweden Sweden
Eric Saade feat. J-Son
"Hearts in the Air"


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Tubevision Contest 3, often referred to as TVC 3, was the 3rd edition of Tubevision Contest.

About Edit

In this edition they were no semi-finals, only final. It was held in Washington, United States after Pitbull won the 2nd edition with the song "Rain Over Me". The host, United States made it into the top 10 coming 9th. Poland came 4th with Sylwia Grzeszczak and her song "Male rzeczy" making it the best result for the country. The winner was Sweden with Eric Saade and the most competed song in the contests "Hearts in the Air".

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Returning artists Edit

  • France Zaz has previously represented France once.

Results Edit

Final Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Belgium Belgium Urban Trad "Polaire" 11 51
2 Latvia Latvia Lauris Reiniks "Banjo Laura" 2 69
3 United Kingdom United Kingdom Jessie J feat. B.o.B "Price Tag" 3 69
4 Sweden Sweden Eric Saade feat. J-Son "Hearts in the Air" 1 73
5 Greece Greece Otherview "I'm The One" 7 58
6 USA United States Pussycat Dolls "When I Grow Up" 9 53
7 Romania Romania Blaxy Girls "It's so fine" 12 48
8 France France Zaz "Les Passants" 14 38
9 Germany Germany Gamma Ray "Detrhone Tyrrany" 15 34
10 Barbados Barbados Rihanna "California King Bed" 6 58
11 Netherlands Netherlands Loona "El tiburon" 13 41
12 Cyprus Cyprus Elli Kokkinou "Ta Genethlia Mou" 10 51
13 Colombia Colombia Juanes "A Dios le Pido" 5 63
14 Norway Norway Marit Larsen "If a Song Could Get Me You" 8 53
15 Italy Italy Lady Gaga "You And I" 20 9
16 Russia Russia Elka "Na bolshom vozdushnom" 17 26
17 Denmark Denmark Alphabeat "The Spell" 18 25
18 Poland Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Male rzeczy" 4 65
19 Kosovo Kosovo Alban Azizi "I Love It" 19 17
20 Estonia Estonia Vanilla Ninja "Liar" 16 27

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