Tubevision Contest 10


Tubevision Contest

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Romania Bucharest


Final: 20 December, 2011


United Kingdom United Kingdom
Amy Macdonald
"This Is The Life"


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TVC 10

Tubevision Contest 10, often referred to as TVC 10, was the 10th edition of Tubevision Contest.


The edition was held in Bucharest, Romania after Antonia won the 9th edition with the song "Marionette". Iceland, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Belarus made their debut entry. As Cyprus and France did with their hosting, Romania wanted to host so it withdrew. United Kingdom was the tenth winner of the contest taking the first victory for the country. South Korea made it into the top 3 for first time taking the second place. After the edition it was held the first special edition (The Best of TVC 1) which included the top 3 songs from each editions.


Award Recipient
User Score Spain patapucha


Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries

Returning artistsEdit



Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Spain Spain Banghra "My Own Way" 3 86
2 Malta Malta Brooke "Love Not War" 4 73
3 Switzerland Switzerland Lys Assia "C'etait Ma Vie" 8 63
4 Philippines Philippines Somedaydream "Hey Daydreamer" 13 41
5 Costa Rica Costa Rica Dev "In The Dark" 12 53
6 South Korea South Korea SNSD "The Boys" 2 88
7 USA United States JoJo "Too Little Too Late" 10 61
8 Poland Poland Cliver "Zaufaj mi" 15 24
9 Germany Germany Ardian Bujupi "Rise To The Top" 9 62
10 Belarus Belarus Anastasiya Vinnikova "Here we go for the Gold" 7 67
11 New Zealand New Zealand Keith Urban "Days Go By" 11 53
12 Serbia Serbia Marija Šerifović "More Pelina" 5 73
13 Sweden Sweden Veronica Maggio "Finns Det En Så Finns Det Flera" 14 26
14 Iceland Iceland Hera Bjork "Someday" 6 69
15 United Kingdom United Kingdom Amy Macdonald "This Is The Life" 1 91

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