Tubevision Contest
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Also known as TVC
Genre Song contest
Created by Dimitris Ioannou
Country of origin Cyprus
Language(s) English
Location(s) List of host cities
Running time About 2 weeks
Original channel DimitrisLoveIvi
Original run 24 August 2011 – present
Editions 35
Number of countries 113
Number of songs 846
Tubevision Contest (abbreviated TVC), sometimes spelt TubeVision Contest, was a song contest on Youtube. The contest is hosted by Dimitris Ioannou. The contest has currently thirty-eight editions, including the three special editions.


  1. You cannot participate with two countries at one edition
  2. The song you want to participate in it, it must be from the country you selected
  3. Songs from (J)ESC are not allowed
  4. To vote comment in the recap video and you are voting in ESC style (1-8,10,12)
  5. When one edition starts you are able to submit a song for next edition.
  6. To submit a song you can comment on the channel or either send a PM.
  7. The song must be until 5 minutes the most and 2 minutes the least!
  8. Some small countries can borrow singers from neighbour regions. See below for more details.

History Edit

The contest started with a final of thirteen participants with Estonia winning the first ever edition. The semi-finals were introduced the second edition and they were used in the fourth and fifth edition. From the six to the tenth edition there was only final with 15 to 20 participants. After the contest grew up, the host decided to permanently introduce the semi-finals and since the eleventh edition. Currently, only two semifinals are held. However, a third semi-final was introduced as testing in the twenty-eighth edition and it was decided to not continue with it.

Many features which were introduced in the contest, were inspired by other contests. National selections, the jury and the awards, inspired from the Ourvision Song Contest, were introduced in the early 10s editions. However, the national selection system was different from the one that was used in OVSC.

The contest had several breaks with the first being between April and June 2012 after the fourteenth edition due to host's exams and the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. After the return in June, the contest gained population and voters and the host decided to increase the number of participants and therefore the number of finalists.

The second break was between November and December, after the twenty-sixth edition. The contest had the small break because the host wanted to relax and find time later for the contest. The contest returned on 27 December 2012.

The host had announced in March 2013 that the contest would close forever after the almost two years of hosting. A video was also made to inform the participants about the end of the contest. However later, in May 2013, the host announced the re-opening of the contest. The contest returned in June 2013, after host's exams. The population of the contest became even bigger after the introduction of the different recap videos and the host permanently increased the number of the participants to thirty-eight with twenty finalists (ten qualifiers from each semi-final).

Before the thirty-second edition started, a poll was posted asking the users if they'd like the jury to affect the result. Even though most of the users were positive on the idea, the host decided to not introduce it because some of the users had the negative opinion about the idea.

Borrowing countriesEdit

Borrowing country Neighbour region(s) Original country
Aland Islands Åland Islands Western Finland Province Finland Finland
Svealand Sweden Sweden
Andorra Andorra Aragon, Catalonia Spain Spain
Aquitaine, Midi Pyrenees France France
Bermuda Bermuda Florida, Georgia USA United States
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Vestlandet Norway Norway
Midtjylland, Nordjylland Denmark Denmark
Fiji Fiji Queensland Australia Australia
Greenland Greenland Nordjylland Denmark Denmark
Hong Kong Hong Kong Guangdong China China
Libya Libya Illizi Algeria Algeria
Matruh Egypt Egypt
Mederine, Tatouine Tunisia Tunisia
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Vorarlberg, Tyrol Austria Austria
Graubünden Switzerland Switzerland
Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria Germany Germany
Luxembourg Luxembourg Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland Germany Germany
Wallonia Belgium Belgium
Lorraine France France
Macao Macao Guangdong China China
Monaco Monaco Rhone-Alpes, Alpes-Azur, Languedoc-Roussillon, Corse France France
Palestine Palestine Balqa, Irbid, Madaba Jordan Jordan
Jerusalem District Israel Israel
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Florida USA United States
San Marino San Marino Emilia Romagna, Marche, Tuscany Italy Italy
Taiwan Taiwan Fujian China China
Tuvalu Tuvalu Queensland Australia Australia
Vatican City Vatican City Abruzzo, Lazio, Rome Italy Italy


Each edition takes about 9 days when there are semi finals in it and about 3 days when there is only final. However, every edition since the eleventh had semi-finals. Even though a regular edition with semi-finals lasts 9 days (3 days for each show), some editions lasted longer due to some connection problems.

TVC editions

Special EditionsEdit

Main article: The Best of TVC

The Best of TVC was the first special edition of TVC and has so far completed three editions. The first winner was Steve Linden with C'est la Musique which got the first place in the seventh edition for Belgium. Getter Jaani and Koit Toome who represented Estonia in the eleventh edition with "Valged Ööd" won the second edition. Norway was the first country to win three editions in a row with one of them being their victory in the third edition with Adelén and "Bombo" which won the thirtieth edition.

TBoT editions
TBoT 1 - TBoT 2 - TBoT 3

National Selections Edit

National selections started to be held since the 20th edition. There was a difference from the national selections of OVSC. In these NS the hosts choose the songs which will compete in the NS. The first national selection was Eesti Laul which was held for the 20th edition. Click here for a full list with national selections.


Winners of TVC
Estonia was the first winner of the contest. Cyprus was the first country to win twice but Sweden was the first to win three times. The United States was the first winner outside of Europe, followed by Lebanon. Getter Jaani was the first artist to win twice the contest followed by Ailee. Malta was the first country that won twice with only one edition between their victories. Also, Norway became the first country to win two editions in a row.
TVC Country Artist Song Points Margin
#01 Estonia Estonia Getter Jaani "Grammofon" 95 8
#02 USA United States Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony "Rain Over Me" 95 8
#03 Sweden Sweden Eric Saade feat. J-Son "Hearts in the Air" 73 4
#04 Cyprus Cyprus Ivi Adamou "Sose Me" 91 11
#05 Ireland Ireland Nikki Kavanagh "Falling" 92 4
#06 France France Alizée "Moi... Lolita" 113 10
#07 Belgium Belgium Steve Linden "C'est la musique" 84 3
#08 Cyprus Cyprus Nikki Ponte "Remembering The Summer Nights" 102 13
#09 Romania Romania Antonia "Marionette" 114 17
#10 United Kingdom United Kingdom Amy Macdonald "This Is The Life" 91 3
#11 Sweden Sweden Molly Sandén "Spread a little light" 94 4
#12 Lebanon Lebanon Eric Saade "Break of Dawn" 99 1
#13 Sweden Sweden Timoteij "Het" 99 12
#14 Bulgaria Bulgaria Desislava "Love Is Alive" 83 4
#15 Estonia Estonia Getter Jaani "NYC Taxi" 142 6
#16 Finland Finland Saara Aalto "Blessed With Love" 182 24
#17 United Kingdom United Kingdom Cheryl Cole "Call My Name" 179 15
#18 Denmark Denmark Anna Noa "Sleepless" 164 4
#19 Thailand Thailand Tata Young "Cinderella" 177 5
#20 Malta Malta Kevin Borg "Sunrise" 165 22
#21 Slovenia Slovenia Nika Zorjan "Čas Za Nas" 167 8
#22 Malta Malta Raquela "If I Could Do It All Again" 181 35
#23 Philippines Philippines Blush "Up Up and Away" 208 34
#24 Ecuador Ecuador Christina Aguilera "Your Body" 166 15
#25 Denmark Denmark Rasmus Thude "Gider Dig Ikke Mer" 179 13
#26 Tunisia Tunisia Axel Tony feat. Tunisiano "Avec Toi" 151 13
#27 South Korea South Korea Ailee "I'll Show You" 207 35
#28 Armenia Armenia Sirusho "PreGomesh" 186 18
#29 Norway Norway Aleksander With "A Little Too Perfect" 206 36
#30 Norway Norway Adelén "Bombo" 176 19
#31 Ireland Ireland Demi Lovato "Heart Attack" 164 15
#32 Poland Poland Martin Rolinski "In and Out Of Love" 156 12
#33 Italy Italy Marco Mengoni "Pronto a correre" 226 66
#34 USA United States Linkin Park "Numb" 175 28
#35 South Korea South Korea Ailee "U&I" 169 16

Special Edition winners Edit

Currently one edition of The Best of TVC has been held. The first winner was Steve Linden with C'est la musique which won the 7th edition for Belgium.

TBoT Country Artist Song Points Margin
#01 Belgium Belgium Steve Linden "C'est la Musique" 71 5
#02 Estonia Estonia Getter Jaani feat. Koit Toome "Valged Ööd" 133 3
#03 Norway Norway Adelén "Bombo" 170 21

Winning UsersEdit

TVC Winning User
#1 Germany superXxxmausixxx
#2 Greece TheDimitrisMp
#3 Greece MrGiorgos2012
#4 Poland TheLaurax19
#5 Portugal TheEscFan1
#6 Greece HopingAngels
#7 Denmark HvdstrCBfr
#8 Cyprus DimitrisLoveIvi
#9 Romania TheHiroshima75
#10 Spain patapucha
#11 Cyprus EleniLoveMusic
#12 Cyprus EricSaadeCyprusTeam
#13 USA Lynxes21
#14 Germany musicsongcontest (xESCFR3AKx)
#15 Estonia The99Brothers
#16 Serbia MrMicki94
#17 Netherlands AleksxHille
#18 Denmark Playboymain1
#19 Denmark HvdstrCBfr
#20 Malta MrLee507
#21 Romania TheHiroshima75
#22 Malta MrLee507
#23 United Kingdom XxMariapink
#24 Netherlands AleksxHille
#25 Denmark Playboymain1
#26 USA Lynxes21
#27 Serbia MrMicki94
#28 Germany xESCFR3AKx
#29 Denmark HvdstrCBfr
#30 Australia MightyHawks123
#31 Greece Jim
#32 Poland Mateusz
#33 Cyprus Dimitris
#34 USA kittybee124

Host Cities Edit

These are the countries that hosted the Tubevision Contest. Cyprus and Sweden hosted the contest three times while EstoniaMalta and Denmark hosted the contest twice.

TVC Host city
#1 Cyprus Nicosia
#2 Estonia Tallinn
#3 USA Washington
#4 Sweden Stockholm
#5 Cyprus Limassol
#6 Ireland Dublin
#7 France Paris
#8 Belgium Brussels
#9 Cyprus Larnaca
#10 Romania Bucharest
#11 United Kingdom London
#12 Sweden Gothenburg
#13 Lebanon Beirut
#14 Sweden Malmo
#15 Bulgaria Sofia
#16 Estonia Tartu
#17 Finland Helsinki
#18 United Kingdom Birmingham
#19 Denmark Copenhagen
#20 Thailand Bangkok
#21 Malta Valletta
#22 Slovenia Ljubljana
#23 Malta Qormi
#24 Philippines Manila
#25 Ecuador Quito
#26 Denmark Odense
#27 Tunisia Tunis
#28 South Korea Seoul
#29 Armenia Yerevan
#30 Norway Oslo
#31 Norway Bergen
#32 Ireland Cork
#33 Poland Warsaw
#34 Italy Rome
#35 USA New York

Participation Edit

Countries in TVC
Further information: List of countries in Tubevision Contest

As of the thirty-fifth edition one hundred and fourteen countries have participated in the contest for at least one time. The United States has competed in all the current editions. These are listed here alongside the edition in which they made their debut:

Edition Country making its debut entry
#1 Albania Albania, Cyprus Cyprus, Estonia Estonia, France France, Greece Greece, Malaysia Malaysia, Poland Poland, Portugal Portugal
Slovenia Slovenia. South Korea South Korea, Spain Spain, Sweden Sweden, USA USA
#2 Andorra Andorra, Australia Australia, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Colombia Colombia, Finland Finland, Germany Germany, Italy Italy, Kosovo Kosovo
Netherlands Netherlands, Norway Norway, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Romania Romania, Russia Russia, Serbia Serbia, Ukraine Ukraine. United Kingdom UK
#3 Barbados Barbados, Belgium Belgium, Denmark Denmark, Latvia Latvia
#4 Austria Austria, Canada Canada, Malta Malta, Mexico Mexico, Peru Peru, Philippines Philippines, Somalia Somalia, South Africa South Africa
Thailand Thailand
#5 Armenia Armenia, Croatia Croatia, Iran Iran, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Scotland Scotland
#6 Morocco Morocco
#7 Bulgaria Bulgaria, Japan Japan
#8 Turkey Turkey
#9 New Zealand New Zealand
#10 Belarus Belarus, Costa Rica Costa Rica, Iceland Iceland, Switzerland Switzerland
#11 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina, Guyana Guyana, Moldova Moldova
#12 Brazil Brazil, Congo DR DR Congo, India India, Lebanon Lebanon
#13 Bolivia Bolivia, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago
#14 Czech Republic Czech Republic, Egypt Egypt, Hungary Hungary
#15 Nigeria Nigeria, Slovakia Slovakia
#16 Cuba Cuba, El Salvador El Salvador, Lithuania Lithuania
#17 Uganda Uganda
#18 Ecuador Ecuador, Greenland Greenland, Laos Laos, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
#19 Georgia Georgia, San Marino San Marino, Tuvalu Tuvalu, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
#20 North Macedonia North Macedonia, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, Tunisia Tunisia
#21 Aland Islands Åland Islands, China China, Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Vietnam Vietnam
#22 Singapore Singapore
#23 Bahamas Bahamas
#24 None
#25 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast, Montenegro Montenegro, Nepal Nepal
#26 Algeria Algeria, Bhutan Bhutan, Ghana Ghana, Iraq Iraq, Pakistan Pakistan
#27 Jordan Jordan, Namibia Namibia
#28 None
#29 Indonesia Indonesia, Uruguay Uruguay
#30 Western Sahara Western Sahara
#32 Virgin Islands British British Virgin Islands
#33 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
#34 Luxembourg Luxembourg, Palestine Palestine, Venezuela Venezuela
#35 Afghanistan AfghanistanDominican Republic Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
#36 Yemen Yemen
#37 Marshall Islands Marshall IslandsRwanda Rwanda

Partner Contests Edit

TVC has 8 partner contests. The first was Ourvision Song Contest, followed by Simple Song Contest and World Music Contest. OVSC joined on 30th September, SSC on 2nd October and WMC on 9th October. Imagine Song Contest, WideVision Song Contest, The Voice Song Contest and MyVision Song Contest joined on 20th July, 25th July, 27th July and 3rd August respectively. Amazing Music Contest and Mad Song Contest the last two partner contests joined on 1st September and 15th September respectively. Magical Music Contest and Legendary Song Contest joined on 11 August 2012 and 1 May 2013 respectively. In June 2013, Ili's World Song Competition and ValiumSounds Contest applied to join with the latter one being declined because it hadn't done one edition with semi-finals.

Contest Partners since Status
Ourvision Song Contest 30 September 2011 Closed
Simple Song Contest 2 October 2011 Closed
World Music Contest 9 October 2011 Closed
Imagine Song Contest 20 July 2012 Ongoing
WideVision Song Contest 25 July 2012 Closed
The Voice Song Contest 27 July 2012 Ongoing
MyVision Song Contest 3 August 2012 Ongoing
Amazing Music Contest 1 September 2012 Closed
Mad Song Contest 15 September 2012 Closed
Magical Music Contest 11 August 2012 Ongoing
Legendary Song Contest 1 May 2013 Ongoing
Ili's Worldsong Competition 6 June 2013 Ongoing

Awards Edit

Tubevision Contest has 5 awards. In the 25th edition the User Score award was replaced by the Heart Award.

Current awardsEdit

Jury Award
See also: List of TVC Jury Award winners
The Jury Award is given to the song which the jury thought deserved to win the contest. The jury award was introduced along with the jury, in the fifteenth edition and was given to every edition since that edition, excpet the twenty-second, where there was no jury.

12 points Award
See also: List of TVC 12 points Award winners
This award is given to the country with the most 12 points. If two countries had the same amount of 12 points their amount of 10 points were counted and the country with the most 10 points was the winner of the award.

NS Award
See also: List of TVC NS Award winners
The NS Award, short for National Selection Award, is given to the best TVC national selection. The award is given by the TVC manager and was first introduced for the twentieth edition. A lot of different factors are being taken into account when the recipient is going to be decided. When the edition had only one selection held, the award was not given.

Heart Award
See also: List of TVC Heart Award winners
The Heart Award is given to the song which the jury thought most deserved to qualify for the final but didn't. The award is given to the highest placed non-qualifier on the jury rankings. When the edition doesn't have semi-finals, the award will be given to what according to the jury was the most underrated entry on the bottom half of the final results. This award replaced the User Score award since the twenty-fifth edition.

Former awardsEdit

User Score Award
See also: List of TVC User Score Award winners
This award was given to the users that managed to collect the most points in one edition. The award was given from the sixth edition until the twenty-fifth edition. The award was replaced by the Heart Award.

TVC awards
Current: 12 points Award - Heart Award - Jury Award - NS Award
Former: User Score Award

Jury Edit

TVC started with two juries, one from the United Kingdom and one from Denmark. However they were later replaced and the next members of the jury were from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The job of the jury is to listen to all entries and rank them from the best song to the worst song.

The host started a poll asking the members if they would like the jury to affect the results. Even though most of the users agreed, some of them had negative opinion so the host decided to not continue with the change.

On 22 July, the host decided to change the juries so he opened a thread on the forums asking users to apply for a place in the jury. After users applied, a poll was held where the users from Estonia and Greece were selected as the next juries.

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