Toy Boy is an indie-rock song by Stuck in the Sound. It was the 88th song recommended on Undiscovered Treasures and it participated in Undiscovered Song Contest 1.

On the night of the 2nd semi-final, the song performed 4th, following Praa's song "Modeling Clay" and preceding Only Shadows' "Be Still". At the close of voting, it had received 33 points, finishing 14th in a field of 25. Since only the top 10 from each semi-final progress to the final, it failed to qualify.

Performance Edit

Contest Edition Final Pts. SF Place Pts.
Undiscovered Song Contest #1 14 33

Trivia Edit

UT ReviewEdit

This song feels like a true classic! This band is mostly known for their biggest hits, "Let's Go" and "Brother", which are both great songs, but this one is our favorite we have heard from them so far. It feels like a cool, unexpected hybrid between Beastie Boys' punchiness and odd charm and Muse's classic yet totally distinct rock style. We love José Reis Fontão's high pitched vocals, which are full of personality, and how they mix with the nervous instrumentation. The upbeat drum and guitar sounds really heighten the effect of the lyrics, that are dark yet humorous, full of power and agony. What really made us fall in love with this song was reading the lyrics, which we think are simply brilliant.

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