• Hi, I decided to post a separate message too. I won't reply on the conflict anymore, this is on a personal note.

    You know we both used to be good friends, we did many things together, we had a great time. Then you started changing very suddenly, I recall it all started to fall down when all this SPAR stuff began.

    I'm wishing you see all of this from an outside perspective. YSC is just a contest, you are losing actual friends because of it. At some point I even wonder if this Ana is a real person, to be honest with you, as there's no evidence of her existence (like, no account here for example).

    So if you ever realise what you're doing is not correct and that all of this separated you from your real self, I'll be here willing to talk as I still have hope I can get the old Phirl I knew and that I kind of miss, before all this madness began.

    Anyway, I sincerely wish you have a great life, tht you achieve all your goals and that you are truly happy =)

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    • Gil of this Message I have wait a Long Time!

      At the 1st Point I would say Ana is not fake or a 2nd Crazy Personly from me! I have a Picture who she is with Jury BD, Jury HN, Jury IR, Jury MC Jury TA & Jury TS as we was in our Class! And about the Account, in the Forum could be she have one! I don't know she show me often what happens there! But I have never ask her why she should know that or how it is true that Interesting me not! I only know that she would talk not good about Forum Members!

      And about the 2nd Point what you say about YSC is not only a Contest! Every Months comes some together, hear Music & make Small Talk we make applause and make Congratulations! We give every a Honour to the Winner! And instead of other "Contests" we never say this was overrated or underrated! But I have told really some times! It was never or is only a Contest! It was every a Special and that would never change! Some understand it and some not! The Your Sound Contest is not Festival of Miracles and FoM is not YSC! 

      With the 3rd Point with losing Friends, they I can say yes & no! I have really great Friends from the German Carat Amino found with those I laugh, cry & discuss! But we are here together! And no one gives when they feel bad more bad feels! We whould say words or do thinks for those that he or she (i be the only male) feel better when we have problems! Example now I tould how this all finish me now or makes me cry than comes one and say what is play we tomorrow They never comes with sentence how than let it all and give up! That are true friends, did you understand it? I mean I have see the Most never! How in the Forum but they every hear the other one when they have to told anything! And that was the Point why we have lose us, when you give those the Feel that interesting me not f*** you! Is that clear that it not ends never good! I mean when you have any problems I never have come to you and give you the feel when you are down than it's your own reason! When I can say it in the What's App Group who I be with they I told every when what happens in the Forum they only say: Those People are Childish or Stupid but they never give me the Feeling that was my own Fault the same is with Ana! That's why I say when I "lose" Friends than was that not real Friends! Think about my Worlds!

      Than with the 4th Point about SPAR and what happens they, I like SPAR and every when I draw in a Picture for the word Supermarket I make a SPAR Market that is so and they have accept it! Yes could be that I nerv Peoples with those how Ivo but those who really know me accept it! And about why I was strange, when you lose a Friend what you have know since your Childhood more than 15 Years would you be normal and feel nothing! And than died every Month a Person from Family or Kpop would you feel than normal? Sorry I be an Emotional Person and can't do that! And than you see that a Kpop Artist who makes suicide than get under the 10 Last Artists in a Contest from the Forum that was horrible but some don't understand it when they say I be Crazy than should they think it! That interesting me not!

      The Last 5th Point is from my Personly Side! Read the Reports Thread now again without your hate to Ana and to your Friendship to Rontti! All Messages Point to Point from a neutral side tell me what you think! I wait of your Answer I accept all! I would only say now, when you all like those Status Quo or how Ana calls "WAR" than yes you can have it! I only can say Ana have all what she have like but she is stronger than me she can do it year by year by year.... Now it is in your Hand!

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    • Would you like to go on a more private setting so that we can talk for a bit? =) 

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    • Amino would not work after what Pablo have done! To the Forum would not work too!

      Yk the Twitter Chat!

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    • A FANDOM user
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