• After looking into both sides of the story, I have decided that you will be blocked from editing on this Wikia for a month. Additionally, Ana's Festival of Miracles will no longer be a contest welcome on this Wikia. I hope you understand why I am forced to do this. In the future, just like now, this kind of behaviour won't be tolerated on this WIkia.

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    • You are the Wikia Manager and I accept it! I mean the Other's are in YSC Wikia blockled too!

      But when it is so, I have a Please to change the Rules that it would be clearer! That is now to Simple! And it must be delete the YSC Version from Thorip too! Than this you can see as Copy too! When yes it must be fair! Than this was not agree from Ana's Site!

      But I be on the Point how long both Parties not Talk would be find no way to delete the Problem! I personly thing both Sides are bulled! 

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    • A FANDOM user
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