• Hello. I have been informed of some issues concerning your contest Ana's Festival of Miracles and targeted harassment of some other members of the wikia and vandalism. I have also been provided with files posted by you that are targeting several wikia members and contests. This is your chance to explain yourself and tell me your side of the story.

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    • Oh Hi! This is a Long Story! It's a discuss between Ana and in that case Gil & Rontti special by Pablo than he have make that YSC can't really leave the Forum with his Start of his Version of YSC the SGP! That's the Conflict Parties! By Rontti was it so: I have write by his Link to the YSC that he Participate no more after he is DSQ why he broke Rules in YSC! After that he delete it what I found OK! But before he have done it he have in the YSC Wikia a Picture with LONG LIVE ANA and the Logo from SPAR & Julius Meinl! After that I post a Message in his Profil from that what Ana think what he have done! You can see it Rontti show you the Picture! From her Site is that Bulled that he show all who have see the Picture that she is a YSC Dictator! When you think that is Ok! By Gil after he wrote me on Twitter with that make Consequense that Ana takes a Awards what calles Ana's Festival of Miracles is it now happen! I have told him and you can ask him to make a talk with Ana but he never answer! And on Ana's Site is it so she have need a New name for the Former Awards and would make it so that the Places 1-20 or 25 get a Chance to show it again after the Former Name was really wrong what I think I have mean we should change the Name! I understand both Sites but how long all be so childish and i don't know what you mean I can't do anymore! I wrote later a Part too of my Message!

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    • Even if they did break the rules of the contest, you cannot edit their personal pages without their consent

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    • I'm finished with YSC SGP. Admit it.

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    • Hi Ball!

      I understand what you mean! And they I can give you a Half of the Point! But I have edit Rontti's Site in the Past Often! I have tag the Winner when he won YSC! And he never have say anything! You can see that in is History! And I must say really true I though, when he don't accept that he would delete it! I never have come see what he Post in the YSC Wikia! I personly think he is Angry what Ana have write him after she have know that! The Message I see have he show you too! And the Point that he ask it me! Is not true he never make it!

      And about the Delete from the Site of Ana's Festival of Miracles, I would ask why is Gil so angry! When he told in a Message that it have consequense why Ana called it so and nothig other in the Message or not answer after did you would change the Name? And on the Point it calles so as Honour for GOT7's Song Miracle that's the Idea of the Name after YSC is more a Kpop Contest and I have really give Gil the Chance to make a disscus with Ana and he never Answer! I think to delete is the Wrong Way! Than it's not a Copy! And really Gil with Rontti means Ana is a Dictator but that what they do is not really better! To delete the Site is not really Democratic! I mean did you have see in Ana's Festival of the Miracles a Sentence how Ha Ha this is make why I would make Gil Angry! No nothing about that! It's only the Contest after the YSC Awards after not so much Vote more! I Apply to return that what was delete!

      And on my Point when I would like Bully Gil Pablo or Rontti or Vanadalism than I would make it not so! I would delete all they work! Or they Pages! I mean I was Admin! Did I have done it? No why I have respect with they work! I would never make this! After Rontti have Post the Picture in the YSC'138 Site with this LONG LIVE ANA Picture I don't have done it in his Site! I must really say this makes me really sad! Ana was not really happy that Pablo have make his own YSC what now Thorip makes! And she mean when her Contest Awards would be not reupload, than must be delete the sites from Thorip's YSC too! Than this is really Similar!

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    • First of all, I'm not bullying you, no one is, you're the one who is making this more difficult and, by your definition, bullying us.

      We 3 left the contest, that's it, the end, there was no need to go and make a fake Festival of Miracles, make those pictures mentioning us, editing Ron's user page, all of that was completely unnecessary.

      You can keep hosting your contest, create 5 more contests, whatever, but is it really so difficult NOT to involve us anymore? We moved on from your contest, why can't you move on from us too? 

      The fact that you did all of this while being the only active admin of this wiki is also, in my opinion, a big power abuse as well, we had no way to defend ourselves.

      Unless you change the name of the contest to one that doesn't involve FoM, I'll request the deletion of all of AFoM pages as I never was asked if the name of the contest I manage could be used there.

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    • And Gil that what you all make is not Bully?

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    • You Post a Picture on the YSC Site from Ana! Anyone from you!

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    • I have suggest a Talk and no one answer!

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    • And on the Point who is the Name Festival of Miracles a Saved Name!

      Really Ana have know that the Site would be Delete after you say Consequence!

      And now we have the Festival of Miracles Wikia! How long you bulled Ana no one wins!

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    • And Ana means why she should ask you how she can take the Name Ana's Festival of Miracles? Are you have a Patent of the Name Ana's Festival of Miracles?

      No sorry how long you all don't talk together Ana take the Name Ana's Festival of the Miracles! And when the Results would Post on the own Wikia!

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    • And Gil or who Read it! You think with this all you won! But really nope! Really you can delete here all that would delete not the Conflict! But how you all don't learn it!

      I mean you all know what I mean! You are all to stubborn to say Sorry!

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    • I will just comment that the YSC 138 picture you are talking about was NOT added by me 100% :v You have me IP blocked ever since 1st of April so i have not been able to edit any of the pages on YSC wiki since then. I have a screenshot to prove that as well. And even if i was able to, i would not touch any of your pages because i am not in YSC anymore. All i did was add myself as withdrawing for YSC 136 page and my own Jury ZM page. If you look at the editing history of YSC 138 page, you can see the picture edit was not made by me but instead someone named "LongLiveAna". And i can even say publicly i can bet my life on me 100% not been at fault for that. What would i even have to gain from doing so, when i myself decided to leave YSC after 135. I am looking to find out who made the edit, you can be sure of that, but believe me when i say it was not me. You should know by now that i would never do something that childish because i know better than that and we are not children anymore. We are both adults and we are both contest hosts as well

      I would just kindly request you or anyone else to not touch my personal wiki page or any of the FoIM related pages without permission to do so. I won't touch your pages, so you should not touch mine. Think it is a fair deal. And as i have said many times already, i do not have a problem with anyone from YSC, etc. I just wish to be left alone from any hate or not be mentioned in any messages from Ana anymore. That is all i would ask, nothing else. I just wish we can sort all this out like grown-ups as we have managed to do before ^_^

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    • And i would just like to add as well that if i ever made you feel like bullied, i am sincerely sorry for that. That has never been my intention and all i wanted back then was to help you manage the contest better and just to make YSC a better place for you, me and everyone else equally. I am not a bad person, i always try to be of help for everyone as much as i can when needed and all, i have been bullied in school for 6 years straight so i know how that feels and i truly 100% never want anyone to feel or experience anything like what/how i did back then. I never intended you to feel bullied with anything i did for YSC or you for that matter, so if i did, i am honestly sorry for that. I have been trying to find ways to contact you because i have wanted to talk about all this with you.

      But yeah in any case, truly sorry if i have ever caused something like that to you and i hope we can come to an understanding over all this finally :3 ^_^

      Just please, no more mentioning of me, Gil or Pablo or anyone else for that matter in your posts, messages from Ana, etc. We are not in YSC anymore and wish to just be left alone and out of all that. Of course wishing you the very best of luck with the future of YSC sincerely

      And the same goes for Ana as well, saying sorry to her as well for anything. If you want, i can talk about all this with you through Discord, Amino, Twitter or something. Just send me a message on one of those if you want to talk. Same name on each of those

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    • I don't recomend you talk with him via Amino. The last week, in one of the communities I decided to translate all the messages sent by all the users in the General Chat.

      I was blocked and called psycho. I'm a chillful guy for be a "psycho guy". you know.

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    • Well i have been called so many things in the past in my life during my time of being bullied in school so that would just be nothing new and something i am already used to pretty much lol. Also i would be willing to take that "risk" if it means i can finally talk with Phirl and maybe sort all this out like grown-ups and this whole mess would be over finally and we would all be at peace again. I am willing to do that for all of you. Because honestly all this is just tiring when you want to be left out of anything like that. Will keep that in mind though definitely

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    • I'm also sorry if you have felt bullied by any of my actions then too.

      In anyway, why do you suggest me to talk to Ana as if she was controlling you to the point to do all of this? Don't you have a free will? You doing all of this just says that you agree with all what she says. Or what happens if you don't obey her?

      But okay, bring it on, I'll talk to Ana, how can I contact her?

      Also, obviously it's common sense, and due to respect, that you don't use Festival of Miracles like that. 

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    • Gil I only would say from Ana: After your Action, I would not talk more with you! You with Rontti would like bully me! You can do it! I open the WAR with you! And you like to copy your Contest? Ok I do it! I have give Phil the Plan to Open a Wikia what calles Festival of International Music! It's my Version! After you delete the Page and with your Consequense Nonse you get the WAR! BE HAPPY WITH THIS! YOU ALL WOULD NOT WIN!

      (This was an Official Message from Ana Chief of the Communsim Party of the CU!)

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    • And now Gil you see what happens! From one Reaction to the others!

      That Serbia Ball I have mean how long both Parties accept it not! I would be worser!

      But I say it really often no one hear what i say!

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    • And about Pablo what you have done in the German Carat Amino was not OK and really not helpful! With those Action! You have delete really your Image! Þórir see that too!

      Really I personly have no words what happens! 

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    • If you read bit above, i was actually saying sorry and offering you a way to talk with me :o Not looking to fight, i just want to sort all this out

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    • Okay, I'm done. Bringing up concepts like war or winning is way beyond immature and childish to me and I really don't have the will to handle that.

      I formally request the deletion of all Ana's FoM articles in this wiki as it's clearly a copy of the contest I manage. Plus, I also request deleting those pictures uploaded in this wiki which mention my name as I never gave you permission to use my name either.

      I don't really care what happens outside of this wiki as FoM is exclusive to this wiki. So from now on, I'll completely ignore anything related to you or your contests as soon as AFoM doesn't exist in this wiki (or until something similar happens again).

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    • Gil but you know that this is not correct from you than it calles AFoM and not FoM!

      Yes Ball can delete it again or so but that would not finish the Problem! But I think you know it! And that with "Exclusive" is really False! On that Point must be the Rules clear more thinks! I would copy the Rules what here is:

      The fandom follows a few simple rules.
      Page creating rules are: 1.Write the pages in English. English is the language of the world and as such all pages should be written in it for everybody to understand. 2.Categorize all pages you make. Categorizing pages makes it possible to navigate the fandom. By entering browse you should be able to navigate all pages of this fandom. 3.Make pages useful and connected to other pages. Please don't make pages without any meaning or context. Make them so they are worth keeping.

      Optional and wanted:
      Use infoboxes
      Use pictures

      Not following some of the rules may result in rule breaking pages to be marked for deleting or getting deleted.

      Here standing nothing that the Names of the Contests what would be used is "Exclusive" for those! When yes must it be change and the half of Contests must Delete here! You can see the Contest List! And Special your Festival of Miracles is more near with other Contests in the Forum as Ana's Festival of Miracles! The Time when an Edition is others, the Votesystem is others! Who can Participate is others! And about the Short Name did you see how many have the same? Special ESC!

      And about your Name what used with Rontti and Pablo I mean those Picture have really Interests no one in YSC or in the German Carat Amino! You all have delete your Image so much that all have see so 70 YSC Members and around 100 German Carat Amino Members we can say so around 170 to 200 Peoples have now a bad Pictures from you all with your Actions what you done Sorry but they all know now your Name special by Pablo, here to Post that Pictures brings really nothing, not why it would be delete or blocked it's more so than with the Last Days you all Shoot it really! 

      I mean Ana is not an Angel but read all what you Write and than that is other 100 Peoples read it! 

      And Gil I have hear from you since a long time nothing more really but when I should know anything about you I would think you are a little Angry Beaver who is childish and before he would like find any way that this Conflict would be closed! They would run away ignore it and wait that it would be bigger! Former I have really like to Write with you and Rontti but now it's makes me really no fun! I be here the Ball about what Ana calles your WAR with her! I mean how old are you 20? What did you have say a long time ago? I should run and leave all? Now I think you do it! But I learn that this is not a Good Way! And Gil really you are young and when you think that is every the right to finish all when you run, ignore or delete all when it makes not fun or you don't like it than do it but all would not works so you see it now and what now is with Ana can be happen more times!

      Current I must say Ana have get all what she like so around 300 Peoples (when we take all who can be Information what happens here don't forget we have some Talkful Girls here) thinks full of shame when they here your Name! Her CPCU have now really what in the Hand to say bad those Forumer be and can Post that now more and more in they world! And what really the Best is Ana have really must not to do much work! That have rund self! 

      You are should really reflect it all what happens and what you write all! And about you Gil how long you fight with Ana about that Think you can think it would ends! And the "WAR" would never Ends and a Peace treaty is not in the near Future!

      But I have told you all as I was in the Forum that this here would not really much but I say it often no one hear what I say!

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    • Your contest was not deleted because of its name. I heard what you said. I was unbiased. I looked at everything presented to me and made my decision.

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    • Did you think I don't know it? (That hear harden what is it)

      I personly don't think how you all understand what I really mean!

      Gil have write at 1st to me that:

      Phirl, this has to stop.

      You have no permission of using my song contest's name, and if you don't remove that, there will be consequences.

      I have wrote than at 1st about the Point that Ana would be DSQ me when it calles not so!

      Than a Long Message what all happens than the suggestion to talk! He never Answer before here! I have suggest a way to talk! Did you think I say yeah I like to do that? Or yeah i like to say Ana what the Forumer have done!

      I mean did you would find it nice when Rontti Post that in your Wikia:

      Be really true did you like that, that anyone Post a Picture with LONG LIVE ANA was be a Symbol for Dictator Ana!

      Or when Pablo comes and Wish Ana and Me Corona on the Wikia too? With those have start this All!

      I accept the Blocking here than they all there blocked too but what I see personly is that they say all Problems makes Ana, that is not true! 

      Pablo have never say Sorry that he wish Ana Corona, Rontti have never say Sorry after he Post a Picture who means she is a Dictator! And Gil have never suggest the Idea: Hey Ana I found it worse that you call the Ana's Festival of Miracles I see it as Copy to my Version! Please can you change the Name! No! They was every at begin on the Point to be confrontation! I mean blocking is personly not really efficient, that can you all see more as Symbole than in theory i can go to a Friend make an Account and make Problems until I be blogged again! That's why I apply to talk!

      Did anyone have Ideas to finish the Problem or did you like all from now Psychological terror from both side? This Status Quo or "WAR" is not really Good!

      I have make it other I say to Thorip now, please change the Sites from your YSC to SPAR Grand Prix when not it could be delete! Really you can ask him! I don't say you get Consequense when you don't delete! I have make alternatives! I personly have mean it! Ana thinks how you or Gil and means the Sites from Thorip should be delete! 

      I personly don't think that anyone read it! That is what I think! It's not correct that you all be Angels what never have done and Ana is the Devil the Bad Dictator, I think for a Fight you need every too! I mean I need Persons to talk who not involved here! That Stress me really!

      And about you Serbia Ball I understand your Way what I only personly suggest when I be the Wikia Manager would be at 1st a Talk Round to talk without all this Hate and with some Rules for a respectful Talk! Than I know that Blocking really that is more symbolic you found so many way's to comeback or crash it!

      I would apply to you too Serbia Ball to make the Rules more clear personly from the begin as Example who should I know how this People like that I change his Page, it's better when they found a way to make it clear example when the User is activ that there is a Sence who stands only I change the Post or so!  And Special here is no rule how you can take Contests Name more Times! This all must be more clear! 

      And about Bullies they must be a Clear why too what is critic and what is bully!

      I have see you have Post by Tasos Sit a Message what calls: Who are you¿¿¿ Feik Grik 😤

      Or after Ivan Post: You sley tasos you have Post: good joke

      Sorry but that I can see as Bully too! And apply to delete that too! Than why I lose my Admin & Content moderators when you Post that too! Please answer me that!

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    • Again, as i have already said, i do not hate you. No one here does

      The picture posted to the YSC wiki is 100% NOT posted by me and i can bet my life and everything on that

      And if you read through the previous messages, i did say that i was sincerely sorry if i ever made you feel bullied because that has never been my intention. And i did say if you wanted to talk i can talk with you :o i do not want to fight. None of us want. We just want to be left alone and be at peace. So if you want to talk, remove the block on Discord or something and send me a message

      I am just tired of all this pointless fighting so i will send you a message on your wall where we can talk if you do not want to talk anywhere else :o

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    • Pablo I say to you what Thorip said to me: "Pablo has said some pretty bad things!"

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