The Western Island Festival




August 28, 2014



Most wins:

Mexico (2)

Most 2nd places:

Barbados, Colombia, Guyana and Mexico (2)

Most 3rd places:

Barbados and US Virgin Islands (2)

The Western Island Festival (abbreviated TWIF) is an online song contest on Forum.

On 15th edition the host of the contest has been changed.

Eligible CountriesEdit

Here is a list of all countries that are able to participate in this contest and below is a list of countries that may borrow from other non participating Countries/regions.

 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina Argentina
Bahamas Bahamas
Barbados Barbados
Belize Belize
Bermuda Bermuda
Bolivia Bolivia
Brazil Brazil
Chile Chile
Colombia Colombia
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Cuba Cuba
Curacao Curaçao
Dominica Dominica
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Ecuador Ecuador
El Salvador El Salvador
Guyane française French Guiana
Grenada Grenada
Guadeloupe flag Guadeloupe
Guatemala Guatemala
Guyana Guyana
Haiti2-icon Haiti
Honduras Honduras
Jamaica Jamaica
Martinique flag Martinique
Mexico Mexico
Nicaragua Nicaragua
Panama Panama
Paraguay Paraguay
Peru Peru
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts and Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia St. Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Suriname Suriname

Uruguay Uruguay
Venezuela VenezuelaTrinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago

Countries that can borrow:-
Aruba Aruba (Netherlands Netherlands/ South)
Sint Maarten flag Sint Maarten(Netherlands Netherlands/ North)

Saint Martin flag Saint Martin (France France/ South)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon flag Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France France / North)

United States Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands (USA United States- Florida/Mississippi/Georgia/Alabama)

Anguilla flag icon Anguilla (Scotland Scotland)
Virgin Islands British British Virgin Islands (Northern England England)
Cayman Islands flag Cayman Islands (Northern Ireland Northern Ireland)
Falkland Islands Falkland Islands (Central England England)
Montserrat flag Montserrat (Wales Wales)
Turks and Caicos Islands flag Turks and Caicos Islands (Southern England England)

Editions Edit

Edition Winner Points 2nd place Points 3rd place Points Host city
#01 Guyana Guyana 91 Barbados Barbados 90 Sint Maarten flag Sint Maarten 85 Georgetown, Guyana Guyana
#02 Mexico Mexico 92 Anguilla flag icon Anguilla 84 Falkland Islands Falkland Islands 79 Linden, Guyana Guyana
#03 Virgin Islands British British Virgin Islands 90 Mexico Mexico 72 Barbados Barbados 70 Ciudad de México, Mexico Mexico
#04 Montserrat flag Montserrat 98 Colombia Colombia 87 Barbados Barbados 87 Road Town, Virgin Islands British British Virgin Islands
#05 Mexico Mexico 93 Barbados Barbados 80 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 78 Plymouth, Montserrat flag Montserrat
#06 Bolivia Bolivia 111 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 96 Saint Pierre and Miquelon flag Saint Pierre and Miquelon 82 Ciudad de México, Mexico Mexico
#07 Barbados Barbados 94 Virgin Islands British British Virgin Islands 92 United States Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 90 Sucre, Bolivia Bolivia
#08 Cuba Cuba 106 Guyana Guyana 86 Honduras Honduras 82 Bridgetown, Barbados Barbados
#09 Venezuela Venezuela 82 Saint Pierre and Miquelon flag Saint Pierre and Miquelon 76 Chile Chile 74 Havana, Cuba Cuba
#10 Saint Lucia St. Lucia 80 Guyana Guyana 76 Mexico Mexico 74 Maracay, Venezuela Venezuela
#11 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 101 Mexico Mexico 87 Venezuela Venezuela 80 Castries, Saint Lucia St. Lucia
#12 Argentina Argentina 101 Venezuela Venezuela 96 Brazil Brazil 90 San Juan, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
#13 El Salvador El Salvador 94 Colombia Colombia 88 United States Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 74 Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina
#14 Saba flag Saba 114 El Salvador El Salvador 106 Suriname Suriname 98 San Salvador, El Salvador El Salvador
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