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Swedish Sounds sometimes abbreviated SS, is a national selection contest for Ourvision Song Contest. It was started by DimitrisLoveIvi for the 21st edition of the contest.

The first winner was Veronica Maggio and "Måndagsbarn" with the amount of 100 points. Måndagsbarn will represent Sweden in OVSC 21. Swedish Sounds 2 and Swedish Sounds 3 were be held for OVSC 22 and OVSC 23 respectively. The second winner, Eric Saade with "Manboy" managed to take the 2nd place. However Sanna Nielsen with "I'm In Love" was close to get in the top 3 but got the 4th place. Lykke Li was the only winner of the selection that didn't manage to qualify to the final.


Swedish Sounds were held first time for OVSC 21. It had 4 editions and after the 4th edition which were held for OVSC 24 it took a break. It came back for OVSC 28 with the 5th edition.


This is the current schedule for Swedish Sounds.

OVSC 21-24: 1st - 4th edition (DONE)
OVSC 28: 5th edition (DONE)
OVSC 30: 6th edition (DONE)

Editions Edit

Edition For Artist Song Place Score
Swedish Sounds
SS 1
OVSC 21 Veronica Maggio "Måndagsbarn" 8 101
Swedish Sounds
SS 2
OVSC 22 Eric Saade "Manboy" 2 138
Swedish Sounds 2
SS 3
OVSC 23 Sanna Nielsen "I'm In Love" 4 154
Swedish Sounds 3
SS 4
OVSC 24 Lykke Li "Follow Rivers" X X
SS 5 Logo
SS 5
OVSC 28 Molly Sandén "Why Am I Crying" 6 105
SS 6 Logo
SS 6
OVSC 30 Amanda Jenssen "Amarula Tree" 1 214


Swedish Sounds editions
SS 1 - SS 2 - SS 3 - SS 4 - SS 5 - SS 6
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