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|Keiichi Okabe
|Keiichi Okabe
|'Yodeling In Meadow Hill (Hidden Retreat)''
|'Yodeling In Meadow Hill (Hidden Retreat)
| {{Template:Kyrgyzstan}}
| {{Template:Kyrgyzstan}}
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| Mnet
| Mnet

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Supervision Song Contest #2

Edition number





Latvia.png Riga, Latvia




◄ 1 Eurovision Heart.png 3 ►

SVSC #2 is the second edition of the Supervision Song Contest which will be held in Riga, Latvia.png Latvia, since the country won last edition by Jenny May and "Es gribu vēl mīlēt". 36 countries have confirmed their participation in the second edition. With Albania.png Albania and Turkey.png Turkey withdrawing and Austria.png Austria, Croatia.png Croatia and Estonia.png Estonia debuting

Participating Countries

Withdrawing countries Debuting countries

Information about the taken countries

Country Broadcaster Artist Song
Armenia.png Armenia Shant TV Lilit "Verj"
Australia.png Australia ABC TBA TBA
Austria.png Austria ORF Saint Lu "Don't Miss Your Own Life"
Bulgaria.png Bulgaria BNT Poli Genova Soleni Dni
Canada.png Canada CBC TBA TBA
Croatia.png Croatia HRT Lana Klingor "Kvit"
Denmark.png Denmark DR Kato & Safri Duo "Dimitto (Let Go)" feat. Björnskov
Estonia.png Estonia EVT Anisa The Missing Thing
Finland.png Finland N/K TBA TBA
Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands KvF Internal selection Internal selection
France.png France France1 Internal selection Internal selection
Germany.png Germany EVT TBA TBA
Greece.png Greece DT TBA TBA
North Macedonia.png North Macedonia France1 TBA TBA
Iceland.png Iceland RUV Of Monsters and Men "Silhouettes"
Ireland.png Ireland RTE TBA TBA
Italy.png Italy RAI Annalisa "Senza riserva"
Japan.png Japan NHK Keiichi Okabe 'Yodeling In Meadow Hill (Hidden Retreat)
Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan TV Piramida Aygerim Rasul "Arnalam"
Latvia.png Latvia LVT TBA TBA
Mexico.png Mexico XHTV TBA TBA
Moldova.png Moldova TRM Olia Tira "Unicul Meu"
Morocco.png Morocco 2M TV Abdelfattah Grini "Ashof Feik Youm"
Netherlands.png Netherlands NPO TBA TBA
New Zealand.png New Zealand TVNZ TBA TBA
Norway.png Norway NRK Venke Knutson "Holiday"
Poland.png Poland TVP Blue Cafe Do Nieba
Romania.png Romania TVR Anca Florescu "Hearts Collide"
Russia.png Russia C1R Filin "Will Never"
Serbia.png Serbia RTS TBA TBA
South Korea.png South Korea Mnet DBSK/TVXQ "Something"
Spain.png Spain RTVE TBA TBA
Sweden.png Sweden SVT Amanda Jenssen "Dry My Soul"
Switzerland.png Switzerland SRG SSR National selection National selection
United Kingdom.png United Kingdom BBC National selection National selection
USA.png United States ABC TBA TBA