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Supervision Song Contest #2

Edition number



18 (to date)





SVSC #2 is the second edition of the Supervision Song Contest which will start on - unknown -. Until now there has announced 17 countries their participation in the second edition.

Participating Countries

Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries

Information about the taken countries

Country Broadcaster Artist Song
Armenia Armenia Shant TV Internal selection Internal selection
Australia Australia ABC TBA TBA
Estonia Estonia EVT TBA TBA
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands KvF Internal selection Internal selection
France France France1 Internal selection Internal selection
Ireland Ireland N/K TBA TBA
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan TV Piramida Aygerim Rasul Internal selection
Japan Japan NHK TBA TBA
Latvia Latvia LVT TBA TBA
Morocco Morocco 2M TV TBA TBA
Norway Norway NRK National selection National selection
Poland Poland TVP TBA TBA
Russia Russia C1R TBA TBA
Serbia Serbia RTS TBA TBA
South Korea South Korea Mnet TBA TBA
Spain Spain RTVE TBA TBA
Sweden Sweden SVT Internal selection Internal selection
Switzerland Switzerland SRG SSR TBA TBA
USA United States ABC TBA TBA
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