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SVSC #23 is the twentieth third edition of the Supervision Song Contest which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.png Sweden, since the country won last edition by Sweden.png Lisa Ajax with the song "Give Me That".It will be held at Stockholm Olympic Stadium.

Supervision Song Contest #23

Edition Number





47 (to date)


Stockholm,Sweden.png Sweden






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Participating Countries

Albania.png Albania
Argentina.png Argentina Lola Ponce "Esperando"
Armenia.png Armenia Gor Yepremyan "Galis em"
Australia.png Australia
Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan
Belgium.png Belgium Emma Bale "Worth It"
Bhutan.png Bhutan Mahesh Thulung feat Nisha Adhikari "Priyasi"
Brazil.png Brazil
Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Kristian Kostov "Ne si za men"
Canada.png Canada
Colombia.png Colombia Sofia Reyes feat Reykon "Llegaste Tu"
Denmark.png Denmark Tim Schou "Gravity"
Ethiopia.png Ethiopia Mélat "Balance"
Finland.png Finland Saara Aalto
France.png France
Germany.png Germany
Iceland.png Iceland Kaleo "Way Down We Go"
India.png India Badshah,Fazilpuria,Sukriti Kakar & Neha Kakkar "Kar Gayi Chull"
Indonesia.png Indonesia
Italy.png Italy Benji & Fede "Amore Wi-Fi"
Japan.png Japan
Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan
Latvia.png Latvia
Lithuania.png Lithuania
North Macedonia.png North Macedonia
Malaysia.png Malaysia
Malta.png Malta Amber "What They Say"
Moldova.png Moldova Dianna Rotaru "Am plecat"
Mozambique.png Mozambique Lizha James "Mama"
Netherlands.png Netherlands
New Zealand.png New Zealand
Nigeria.png Nigeria
Norway.png Norway Elsa & Emilie "Au Volant"
Philippines.png Philippines
Puerto Rico.png Puerto Rico
Romania.png Romania Kaya "Burn"
Russia.png Russia
San Marino.png San Marino Cecile "N.E.G.R.A."
Serbia.png Serbia
South Korea.png South Korea Dami Im "Fighting for Love"
Sweden.png Sweden Elias "Green Eyes"
Taiwan.png Taiwan
Turkey.png Turkey Olmazsa Olmaz "Güliz Ayla"
Uganda.png Uganda Juliana "I Am Ugandan"
Ukraine.png Ukraine
United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Uzbekistan.png Uzbekistan
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