Steffi Sp. (on Youtube: superXxxmausixxx) is an user from Germany. She is hosting the World Music Contest.

She was born at the 7th of January 1996 in Saxony, Germany. Steffi goes in the 10th class of the middleschool. She has no sister and no brother. Her hobbies are singing and dancing. She likes music from other countries.

She is a Eurovision fan since 2006. Her favourite countries at 2011 were the United Kingdom, Latvia and Sweden.

She participates in many other competitions and manage her contest alone. She has a privat channel on Youtube too (xxxSteffi96xxx) for upload other videos from the Eurovision.

Ourvision Song Contest Edit

superXxxmausixxx debuted in the 1st edition of Ourvision Song Contest. Two of her songs, "Valged Ööd" and "Ara Ara" also participated in OVSC, Song of the Decade 1 where they finished in 4th and 7th place respectively.

OVSC Country Place
#1 Israel Israel 16
#2 Estonia Estonia 1
#3 Serbia Serbia 7
#4 Turkey Turkey 2
#5 Ukraine Ukraine 11 (SF)
#6 Albania Albania 13 (SF)
#7 Germany Germany 13 (SF)
#8 Germany Germany 6
#9 Moldova Moldova 9
#10 Ukraine Ukraine 17
#11 Israel Israel 4
#12 Hungary Hungary 4
#13 Russia Russia TBA
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