Flag of Norway "Smash"
ToneDamli Smash
North Vision Song Contest 1 entry
Country Norway
Artist(s) Tone Damli
Language English
Composer(s) Jason Gill, Robin Fredriksson & Mattias Larsson
Lyricist(s) Jason Gill, Robin Fredriksson & Mattias Larsson
Finals performance
Semi-final result 2nd
Semi-final points 109
Final result 7th
Final points 113
Appearance chronology
I Don't Care (2) ►

"Smash" is an English language song by Norwegian singer Tone Damli. The song was internally selected to represented Norway in the North Vision Song Contest 1. The song has not been released on any album yet.

The song participated in the first semifinal of North Vision Song Contest 1, ended 2nd with 109 points and qualified therefore to the final. There, it came 7th with 113 points.

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