Skin is a dance-pop song by Retro Stefson. It was the 195th song recommended on Undiscovered Treasures and it participated in Undiscovered Song Contest 1.

On the night of the 1st semi-final, the song performed 19th, following Bad Bad Hats' song "Nothing Gets Me High" and preceding Acollective's "OTM". At the close of voting, it had received 40 points, finishing 20th in a field of 25. Since only the top 10 from each semi-final progress to the final, it failed to qualify.

Performance Edit

Contest Edition Final Pts. SF Place Pts.
Undiscovered Song Contest #1 20 40

Trivia Edit

UT ReviewEdit

Starting off with an awesome instrumental that has layers overlapping each other and eventually creating the instrumental track for the first verse, "Skin" is a funky indie pop/dance-pop fusion track by the now inactive Icelandic octet Retro Stefson. It has those 2000's synthpop vibes that instantly make you think of Hurts' "Beautiful Life", or some of Duran Duran's newer tracks. It offers a happy-go-lucky feeling to the listener and makes you bounce in your seat and bop your head, all in a very sincere way. It's not a track that forces you to connect with it, but rather makes you enjoy its simplicity. The refrain could get stuck in your head hours after the first listen. We recommend hearing this song when you need to turn a frown upside down! (Or if you're alone on Valentine's Day and need to cheer up).

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