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OVSC 17 (Ourvision Song Contest)






30th November 2011


Inna Modja - "La Fille Du Lido"

Sing It Like A French 1, sometimes referred to as SILAF 1, was the 1st edition of Sing It Like A French, a national selection for Ourvision Song Contest.

Results Edit

Here are the results of SILAF #1. There were 15 songs. The winner was Inna Modja and her song La Fille Du Lido. The runner up was Melissa NKonda feat. VV Brown with their song J'Ai Fait Tout Ca Pour Vous. They had only 10 points diffrence.Also,both songs that were in the 2 best place, they were submited by the same user. The same band (Les Fatals Picards) ended in the 2 last places. The 3rd place had only 1 point diffrence between the 2nd place. This National Selection started again on OVSC #20


Results of 1st edition Edit

Place Artist Song Points
1 Inna Modja "La Fille Du Lido" 85
2 Melissa NKonda feat. VV Brown "J'Ai Fait Tout Ca Pour Vous" 75
3 Imany "You Will Never Know 74
4 Zaz "Je Veux" 66
5 Ellisa Tovati feat.Tom Dice "Il Nous Fait" 64
6 Mylène Farmer "Bleu Noir 57
7 Joyce Jonathan "Je Ne Sais Pas" 55
8 Sofia Essaidi "Femme D'Aujourdhui" 54
9 Aura Dione "I Will Love You Monday (365)" 52
10 Sofia Mestari "Qu'est ce que tu sais" 41
11 Les Enfoirés "Un jour de plus au paradis" 36
12 Joyce Jonathan "Pas Besoin De Toi" 33
13 Modjio "Lady" 33
14 Les Fatals Picards "Bernard Lavilliers" 22
15 Les Fatals Picards "C'est l'histoire d'une meuf" 7

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