Resolute Song Festival 1
Resolute Song Festival 1
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Los Angeles, Flag of United States United States




Flag of Congo Congo


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The Resolute Song Festival 1 is the first edition of the Resolute Song Festival. The edition will be held in Los Angeles, Flag of United States United States. The Grand Final occurred on April 16th with results revealed on April 20th. The winner was Flag of Congo Congo with "Notre Amour" by Shereza, winning with 106 points, a 14-point lead to 2nd placed Flag of Russia Russia. 20 countries participated and debuted.


ESCfan1 is the Head of the Contest. After having previous experience creating and running a previous song contest, the song contest came to fruition after a resurgence of interest in online song contests after the Eurovision Song Contest's 2020 cancellation.


The following dates for the contest:

Final - April 16th

Final Results - April 20th

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian Olya Polyakova Nochnaya Zhritsa 07 77
02 Flag of Taiwan Taiwan English JVNA Chemicals 04 84
03 Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica English Half Tangerine High On You 16 37
04 Flag of France France Spanish Luyanna, DJ Joss, Richard Orlinski Dale 20 7
05 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand English Kimbra Good Intent 18 23
06 Flag of Russia Russia English Atika Patum Atikapatum 02 94
07 Flag of Iran Iran English Shab Spell on Me 05 82
08 Flag of South Africa South Africa Zulu TNS (ft. Mpumi) Umona 14 44
09 Flag of Liberia Liberia English Annprincess Middle of the Night 03 89
10 Flag of Congo Congo French, English Shereza Notre Amour 01 106
11 Flag of Japan Japan Japanese Ziyoou-vachi Kaen 15 41
12 Flag of Nigeria Nigeria English Tems Try Me 11 53
13 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom English Let's Eat Grandma It's Not Just Me 06 78
14 Flag of United States United States English Fletcher Forever 08 77
15 Flag of South Korea South Korea Korean IZ Eden 17 26
16 Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Spanish Natti Natasha No Voy a Llorar 19 17
17 Flag of Australia Australia English Lola Scott Heaven Knows 09 65
18 Flag of Norway Norway English Anna of the North Leaning on Myself 10 61
19 Flag of Poland Poland Polish Doda Nie mam dokąd wracać 13 49
20 Flag of Croatia Croatia English Manntra In The Shadows 12 50


- On the official forum for the confirmation of entries, a user confirmed with Flag of Armenia Armenia with Vladimir Arzumanyan performing the song "What's Going on Mama?" The user then began spamming the thread the following day confirming dozens of countries and participants which breached the rules as only one user can participate with one country at a time. They were then banned from the forum, and their entry withdrawn.

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