Record Song Contest 3
Semi-final 1 date TBA, 2015
Semi-final 2 date TBA, 2015
Final dates TBA
Venue TBA
Presenter(s) TBA
Executive supervisor Maxim
Number of entries 46 (To date)
Debuting countries Albania Albania
Algeria Algeria
Andorra Andorra
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Belarus Belarus
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Egypt Egypt
Georgia Georgia
Kenya Kenya
Latvia Latvia
Liberia Liberia
Philippines Philippines
Slovenia Slovenia
Tunisia Tunisia
Withdrawing countries Angola Angola
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Jamaica Jamaica
Kosovo Kosovo
Thailand Thailand
Record Song Contest
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The Record Song Contest 3 will be the 3rd edition of the Record Song Contest. It is expected to take place in TBA, following TBA's victory in the second edition with the song "TBA". So far 46 countries have announced their provisional participation in the contest.





Returning artistsEdit

Confirm ListEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
Netherlands Netherlands Eva Simons "I Don't Like You"
USA United States Meghan Trainor "Hush"
Malta Malta Honorebel feat. Kelly Schembri & Stephen Davids "Strip Search"
Lithuania Lithuania
Poland Poland Sarsa "Naucz Mnie"
Germany Germany Namika "Lieblingsmensch"
Italy Italy Laura Pausini "Se Non Te"
Taiwan Taiwan R-chord feat. Diana "Love Doesn't Need to Pretend"
Finland Finland TikTak "Tänä Yönä Taivaaseen"
Norway Norway donkeyboy "Triggerfinger"
Algeria Algeria Assia "Va"
Sweden Sweden Timoteij "Het"
Malaysia Malaysia 3 Suara "Beribu Sesalan"
Philippines Philippines Josh Padilla & Yassi Pressman "Edge of the World"
Ireland Ireland
Hungary Hungary Linda Király "Can't Let Go"
Albania Albania Bebe Rexha "Cry Wolf"
Kenya Kenya Avril "Nikimuona"
Montenegro Montenegro Anabela feat. Boban Rajović "Preventiva"
Egypt Egypt Tamer Hosny feat. Akon "Welcome to the Life"
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Maya Sar "Nespretno"
Slovenia Slovenia Maraaya "Lovin' Me"
Tunisia Tunisia Lââm "Petite Soeur"
New Zealand New Zealand Lorde "Yellow Flicker Beat"
Latvia Latvia Viktoria Modesta "Only You"
Mexico Mexico Alejandro Fernández "Te Amaré"
Australia Australia Delta Goodrem "Wings"
Japan Japan Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo feat. Kid Ink "Delirious (Boneless)"
North Macedonia Macedonia Thea "Eho"
Georgia Georgia BERA "Don't Go"
Liberia Liberia Yvonne Sangudi "Tanzanite"
Denmark Denmark Tim Schou "Supernova"
France France Kendji Girac "Cool"
Andorra Andorra Jordi Barceló & Susanne Georgi "Hope"
Armenia Armenia Sirusho "PreGomesh"
South Korea South Korea 4Minute "Volume Up"
Venezuela Venezuela Corina Smith "La Difícil"
Serbia Serbia Dragana Mirkovic "Mili Mili"
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Machel Montano "Like Ah Boss"
Belarus Belarus Bianka "Muzika"
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Aygul Imanbaeva "Sen"
Austria Austria Rose May "All of This Is You"
United Kingdom United Kingdom Katy Tiz "Red Cup"
Israel Israel Chen Aharoni "Or"
Turkey Turkey Hadise "Yaz Günü"
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Emin feat. Charly Williams "Woman"

Semi-final 1Edit

Semi-final 2Edit

Final: Meghan Trainor wins the Contest for the United States with 290 points, Bebe Rexha for Albania did make the second Place with 239 points. Namika makes the 3th Place for Germany with 198 points.Edit


Other countriesEdit

  • Angola Angola – July 24, 2015, Angola announced if they don't turn out in an Automatically qualified, Angola withdraws.
  • Japan Japan – Due to the unavailability, Japan might withdraw from RSC #03. However, depending on the result in RSC #02, Japan could make some time to continue participating. Japan will confirm once it's over.
  • South Korea South Korea – July 24, 2015, South Korea announced South Korea might withdraw for one edition.
  • Jamaica Jamaica – August 17, 2015, Jamaica announced their withdraw.
  • Thailand Thailand – August 26, 2015, Thailand announced their withdraw for Record Song Contest 3, but hopefully returns to forth edition.

The following countries, didn't announce anything about their withdraw.

International broadcasts and votingEdit

Voting and spokespersonsEdit

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