PlanetVision Song Contest 1
This Is The World’s Tune


PlanetVision Song Contest

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Dublin, Ireland Ireland


Bill O’Dwyer


20 June 2019


USA United States
"All Day and Night"


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This was the first edition of the PlanetVision Song Contest. It will be hosted in Dublin, Ireland. The Contest will see 26 competing nations (5 from each continent competing and the host nation, Ireland) and a winner chosen by the public. The second edition will be held in the country that wins this edition.

Edition 1 - Dublin - This is the Worlds TuneEdit

The first edition of the PlanetVision Song Contest is going to be held in Dublin, Ireland, as the host nation of the contest’s founder and organiser, Bill O’Dwyer. The slogan of the contest, is "This is the Worlds Tune", chosen to represent the logo, which is a quaver note, and to represent the fact that the contest is a multinational song contest.

Originally, the songs were chosen through 5 Continent Selection shows, although the countries and results of the selections won’t be disclosed, apart from the qualifiers. The format was only being tested in this edition And was eventually rested after the African selection. The format will be changed for future editions.

Competing NationsEdit

As this is the first edition, every country participating in this edition are debuting, with no one withdrawing or returning.

Debuting countries Withdrawing Nations Returning Nations

Grand FinalEdit

26 countries will compete in the final. As the host country, Ireland was pre-qualified for the final. UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Egypt, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Eswatini and the Central African Republic were selected through two “Continental Selection”. The other countries were chosen by the host. Every song in the contest was chosen internally.

# Country Artist Song Place Pts.
01 USA United States Europa ft. Madison Beer All Day and Night 1st 67
02 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Dimash Kudaibergen Never Land 26th 14
03 Armenia Armenia Lilit Hovhannisyan Dream 13th 39
04 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Serge Beynaud Koto Na Koto 12th 41
05 Central African Republic Central African Republic Fatoumata Diawara Fenfo 21st 25
06 Brazil Brazil Lucas Lucco, Pabllo Vittar Paraíso 20th 25
07 Madagascar Madagascar Aya Nakamura Comportement 3rd 59
08 Thailand Thailand Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK Kiss & Make Up 15th 37
09 Finland Finland Juno ft. Rosi Hätärakettejia 16th 35
10 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Safura March On 5th 57
11 Venezuela Venezuela Omar Koaze Prácticamente 25th 21
12 Ireland Ireland Kodaline Brother 18th 32
13 China China Eric Nam & LOCO Can’t Help Myself 6th 54
14 New Zealand New Zealand Lorde Green Light 8th 52
15 Egypt Egypt Amr Diab Ma’darsh Al Nesyan 22nd 24
16 Eswatini Eswatini Kwesta & Thabsie Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe 23rd 23
17 Sweden Sweden Estrad Vårt År 17th 35
18 Norway Norway Alan Walker On My Way 4th 58
19 France France Ninho La Vie Qu-On Méne 14tt 37
20 Canada Canada Celine Dion Ashes 10th 46
21 Australia Australia Kylie Minogue I Was Gonna Cancel 2nd 65
22 Argentina Argentina Daddy Yankee ft. Snow Con Calma 24th 22
23 Israel Israel Harel Skaat Shine On Me 11th 42
24 Russia Russia Sergey Lazarev Take It Off 7th 54
25 United Kingdom United Kingdom Lewis Capaldi Someone You Loved 9th 47
26 South Korea South Korea BTS Idol 19th 32

Final Voting Edit

Country Bill Pierre DJS8
USA United States
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Armenia Armenia
Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Central African Republic Central African Republic
Brazil Brazil
Madagascar Madagascar
Thailand Thailand
Finland Finland
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Venezuela Venezuela
Ireland Ireland
China China
New Zealand New Zealand
Egypt Egypt
Eswatini Eswatini
Sweden Sweden
Norway Norway
France France
Canada Canada
Australia Australia
Argentina Argentina
Israel Israel
Russia Russia
United Kingdom United Kingdom
South Korea South Korea

Number 1 Ranks Edit

Country No. Received Top Ranking from

Jury Members Edit

Jury Members have until 15th June, 2019 to confirm their participation in the Jury Voting. People who want to join the Jury can apply here. Here is a list of the current Jury members. So far, the Jury consists of four members.

Jury No. Name Country
1 Niels Smit Netherlands Netherlands
2 Pablo Araujo Spain Spain
3 Pierre MLT France France
4 Andro Putrantrol Indonesia Indonesia

Participation Edit

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The O’Dwyer Awards Edit

The O’Dwyer Awards were first handed out during the first edition of PlanetVision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland, honouring the best competing songs in the final. Founded by Bill O’Dwyer (Founder, Host and Head Of Production of the PlanetVision), the awards are divided into four categories: Jury Award, Public Award, Host Award and Fan Award. The winner of the Fan Award will Qualify for the Final of the inaugural PlanetVision Song of The Year Contest, which is due to be held in December in Dublin, Ireland

Category Country Song Performer
Jury Award
Public Award
Host Award
Fan Award
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