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24th April, 2019


Ireland Ireland


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PlanetVision Song Contest is an international song contest with songs and singers from Europe, Africa, The Americas, Asia and Asia-Pacific. The Contest was founded by Bill O’Dwyer In 2019 as the spiritual continuation to the Yourovision Song Contest. The contest is currently on hiatus due to personal issues with the Host.


In the first edition, each continent had a “Kvalifikacije za Millstreet“ style Continental Selection, where the Top 5 songs would qualify for the Main Show. With the Five continents choosing five countries each (plus the host country which is pre-qualified for the Main Show) equal to 26 countries and songs for the Main Show. This was changed for the second edition, with each continent choosing 10 counties each and 2 Semi Finals being held to determine the finalist, with the previous editions Top 5 auto-qualifying.

Debuts Edit

Edition Debuts
1 Argentina Argentina, Armenia Armenia, Australia Australia, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Brazil Brazil, Canada Canada, China China, Central African Republic Central African Republic, Egypt Egypt, Eswatini Eswatini, France France, Finland Finland, Ireland Ireland, Israel Israel, Ivory Coast Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, Madagascar Madagascar, New Zealand New Zealand, Norway Norway, Russia Russia, South Korea South Korea, Sweden Sweden, Thailand Thailand, United Kingdom United Kingdom, USA United States, Venezuela Venezuela
2 Austria Austria, Estonia Estonia, Greece Greece, Mexico Mexico, Spain Spain, Ukraine Ukraine

Editions Edit

Edition Slogan Entries Winner Artist Song 2nd 3rd
#1 Ireland

This Is The Worlds Tune

26 USA United States Europa ft. Madison Beer All Day And Night Australia Australia Madagascar Madagascar
#2 USA
New York City

Medal Table Edit

Country 1st 2nd 3rd Total
USA United States 1 0 0 1
Australia Australia 0 1 0 1
Madagascar Madagascar 0 0 1 1
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