Peace Song Contest

Peace Song Contest - It's new song contest, in which 20 countries are fighting for the winner's title.


Each country gives 1-12 points to their 10 favourtes songs. The country which has the most points win the competition and gets a chance to organize contest to their country.

Peace Song Contest 3
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Semi-final 1 date 22 May 2016
Semi-final 2 date 23 May 2016
Final dates 24 May 2016
Venue Concerts Hall, Yerevan, Flag of Armenia Armenia
Presenter(s) Eva Rivas

Thomas Woods

Director Teresa Finno
Host broadcaster AMPTV
Number of entries 38
Debuting countries Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Returning countries Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of Spain Spain
Withdrawing countries Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Peace Song Contest
◄2 Eurovision Heart 4►


Third Peace Song Contest will be in Armenia, after Goda Vitayl win with song "LoveWave" in Estonia.

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