Paulina is a user from Sweden Sweden. She used to host Ourvision Song Contest from 2011 to 2013. In 2015 she started a new version of the contest called Ourvision Song Contest Classic. Paulina never participated in another song contest herself until after her return to the community in 2015.


Contest Country Artist Song Result
Celebration Song Contest #1 Italy Italy 1 Marco Mengoni "Guerriero" TBA
Celebration Song Contest #1 South Korea South Korea 1 Davichi "Don't Move" TBA
Dependent Territories Song Contest #8 Italy Italy 2 Marco Mengoni "Guerriero" TBA
Dependent Territories Song Contest #9 Italy Italy 2 Annalisa "Diamante lei e luce lui" TBA
Fantasy Eurovision #1 France France TBA TBA TBA
Festival of International Music #4 Italy Italy Modà "La notte" TBA
Intercontinental Music Festival #27 Ireland Ireland The Script "Man on a Wire" TBA
Record Song Contest #2 Italy Italy Marco Mengoni "Guerriero" TBA
Universal Music Festival #3 Finland Finland Jenni Vartiainen "En haluu kuolla tänä yönä" TBA
Virtual Eurovision Song Contest #1 Finland Finland TBA TBA TBA

1 - Allowed two countries in the same edition.
2 - As the Italian region Südtirol.

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