Ourvision Song Contest Classic 1
Final dates 18/06/2015
(Results: 23/06/2015)
Venue Stockholm, Sweden Sweden
Number of entries 19
Debuting countries All
Returning countries None
Withdrawing countries None
Voting system Each country awardes 12, 10, 8, 7-1 points for countries.
Winning song Canada Canada
Walk Off The Earth
"Rule The World"
Ourvision Song Contest Classic
◄0 Eurovision Heart 2►


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Russia Russia Nyusha "Gde Ty, Tam Ya" 13 51
02 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Kat Graham "Power" 4 78
03 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Jasmine Thompson "Run" 5 75
04 Flag of United States United States Taylor Swift "Mine" 17 35
05 Flag of Japan Japan Kalafina "Kimi Ga Hikari Ni Kaete Yuku" 15 51
06 Flag of Sweden Sweden Maria Hazell "Killing All My Darlings" 16 44
07 Flag of Venezuela Venezuela Oscarcito "Tumbayé" 6 71
08 Flag of China China Joey Yung "Nuhuang" 9 60
09 Flag of Australia Australia The Collective "Surrender" 10 59
10 Flag of Canada Canada Walk Off The Earth "Rule The World" 1 124
11 Flag of France France Kyo "Le Graal" 14 51
12 Flag of Italy Italy Deborah Iurato "Anche Se Fuori E Inverno" 2 103
13 Flag of Poland Poland Ewelina Lisowska "Nowe Horyzonty" 7 63
14 Flag of Albania Albania Rezarta Smaja "Shpirt I Lire" 19 15
15 Flag of Germany Germany Texas Lightning "I Promise" 18 30
16 Flag of Malta Malta Ekklesia Sisters "Love And Let Go" 11 57
17 Flag of Romania Romania Elena Gheorghe & Danny Mazo "Señor Loco" 3 79
18 Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Melanie Martinez "Pity Party" 12 53
19 Flag of Chile Chile Javiera Mena "Que Me Tome La Noche" 8 61

12 pointsEdit

No. Country
4 Flag of Canada Canada
3 Flag of Italy Italy
2 Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
1 Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of China China
Flag of Chile Chile
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
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