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June 14, 2015


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Ourvision Song Contest Classic (abbreviated OVSC-C), also referred to as simply OVSC Classic, is an online song contest located on the Song Contest Forums. The contest is a renewed version of Ourvision Song Contest and is hosted by Paulina who was one of the three co-hosts of the original OVSC.

History Edit

Ourvision Song Contest started on June 24, 2011, hosted by Kristoffer, Nikolai and Paulina. It was eventually closed on April 1, 2013. At this point the contest had been running for 33 editions. The founders of OVSC also created the Song Contest Forums and the Song Contest Wiki. When OVSC ended these places remained active thanks to the already existing community which under the coming two years kept expanding.

After Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Paulina made a return to the forums. She decided to start up a new version of OVSC on her own but has also received some help from both Kristoffer and Nikolai. The new contest titled Ourvision Song Contest Classic is based on the original contest and was started on June 14. A total of 19 countries had their entries accepted for the first edition where voting started on June 18.

Winners Edit

Edition Country Artist Song Points Margin
#1 Canada Canada Walk off the Earth "Rule the World" 124 21
#2 Turkey Turkey Kendi "Oh Oh" 105 5
#3 Belgium Belgium Lara Fabian & Mustafa Celeli "Make Me Yours Tonight" 103 13
#4 Japan Japan Perfume "Pick Me Up" 123 20
#5 Cuba Cuba Kat Dahlia "I Think I'm In Love" 89 3

Hosting citiesEdit

Edition City Country
#1 Stockholm Sweden Sweden
#2 Ottawa Canada Canada
#3 Ankara Turkey Turkey
#4 Brussels Belgium Belgium
#5 Tokyo Japan Japan
#6 Havana Cuba Cuba

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