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July 26, 2011


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Onlinevision Song Contest (abbreviated either OVSC or OSC (see bellow)), sometimes spelled OnlineVision Song Contest, was a song contest on Youtube. The contest was hosted by ovsongcontest. Although song submission had been opened for a third and a fourth edition, those editions were never completed. The contest was closed for reasons "too hard to explain".

Participant controversy

Main article: Tube Song Contest

Onlinevision Song Contest is known to have been associated with the first ever fake contest Tube Song Contest. In the first edition of OSC, half of the participants were accounts owned by TSC. One of these users even won the 1st edition for Sweden. It is believed the users were used to help OSC get started with the contest. In the second edition of the contest however, almost every user is known to have been an unique real user.


Only two editions of the contest were held. Sweden and Slovenia won them. The song "Cry for You" was also eligible to participate for Slovenia so they could have won both. Song submission had opened for a 3rd edition which was supposed to be held in the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana. The contest closed before the contest could start.

Edition Country Artist Song
OSC 1 Sweden.png Sweden September "Cry for You"
OSC 2 Slovenia.png Slovenia Maja Keuc "Zmorem"


A couple of awards were given during each edition. They were given by a "jury" containing the host himself as well as the previous editions winning user.

User score

A user score system existed for OSC. The list contains several accounts known to be owned by TSC.

Naming dispute

The manager of Onlinevision Song Contest was unaware that Ourvision Song Contest existed when he created his contest. Ourvision Song Contest does not recognise Onlinevision Song Contest as OVSC and are thereby using OSC instead. Onlinevision Song Contest still uses OVSC as their official abbreviation, claiming that as long as the contests complete names are different it doesn't matter.

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