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OVSC, Song of the Decade, sometimes abbreviated OVSC SotD is a special edition of Ourvision Song Contest. Each edition of SotD is held after 10 regular editions of OVSC. The top three songs from the last 10 editions participates, making it 30 total. 15 songs participates in each semi-final and 7 from each qualifies for the final.

Editions Edit

SotD Artist Song Country OVSC Place
#1 Gabrielle Leithaug "Ring meg" Norway Norway #6 2
#2 Aura Dione "Geronimo" Denmark Denmark #19 2
#3 Of Monsters and Men "Little Talks" Iceland Iceland #25 3

National Edit

Official Song of the Decade special editions for a certain country can be created by other users if they have permission. A second edition for both Malaysia and Poland is planned. SotD for South Korea and USA has more recently been mentioned.

Decade Country Artist Song
#1 Denmark Denmark Oh Land "White Nights"
#1 Malaysia Malaysia Stacy "Jahat"
#1 Poland Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Male rzeczy"
#2 Poland Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Sen o przyszlosci"
#2 Malaysia Malaysia TBA TBA
#2 Denmark Denmark Aura Dione "Geronimo"
#1 Cyprus Cyprus Ivi Adamou "Sose Me"

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