Nataša Bekvalac is a Serbian singer and actress. Her 2001 debut album was nominated for the album of the year and in 2010 she also received Serbian Oscar of Popularity award for the female singer of the year. She has released five albums in total. Bekvalac also made several acting appearances in television and in 2016 made her theatre debut as Queen Draga Mašin in the musical 'Tajna Crne ruke' (The Secret of Black Hand).

She was born in Novi Sad on 25 September 1980. Her father is a football coach and former player Dragoljub Bekvalac. Nataša grew up as the middle daughter with two sisters, one of which is the famous Serbian fashion designer and Survivor Srbija VIP: Costa Rica contestant Kristina Bekvalac. In 1989 Bekvalac made her music debut on a children music festival where she performed alongside popular Bosnian rock band Regina and later in 1990 she also appeared on children music show 'Muzički tobogan' (Musical Slide).

Throughout her career, Bekvalac's personal life was the subject of constant media attention. She was married three times and has two daughters. In 2018 Nataša was physically assaulted by her third husband just a month after she had given birth to their baby girl named Katja. This case went to court followed with much media attention and Bekvalac got divorced once again.

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